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1 Anagram (over) of PORED A LOT = DOORPLATE (sign),

6 Anagram (engineer) of OFFERS DUVET = OVERSTUFFED (with too much filling),

12 Alternate letters (oddly) of SmElLy + discovery (FIND) + outside letters (discontented) of UnemotionaL + chap (GENT) = SELF-INDULGENT (extravagant),

13 Partner (ALLY) + anagram (cocktail) of GIN = ALLYING (joining),

14 Anagram (casually) of GRAB + silver (AG) = RAGBAG (potpourri),

15 Answer is hidden in toothpaSTE Tubes = STET (mark meaning to keep),

16 Homophone (received) of work (knead) + positively (FULL) = NEEDFULLY (out of necessity),

18 Anagram (about) of PESTER SOUTH KOREAn minus (avoiding) (N)ew = PORTERHOUSE STEAK (cut),

20 Take the word for 15 March (IDEs) and trade, ie exchange, (s)mall for A = IDEA (plan),

22 Bury (INTER) + current (I) + 1st letter (bit of) (M)aintenance = INTERIM (caretaker),

24 Apprentice (L) inserted (got in) into moved up and down in the water (BOBBED) = BLOBBED (splashed),

26 Display (AD) + operating system (IOS) = ADIOS (so long in Spain),

27 Anagram (unexpectedly) of NATURIST + mUMs without the outside letters (clipped) = NASTURTIUM (bush),

29 Homophone (heard) of the notes so & la that come between (from inside) a homophone of the notes fa & ti + rocket (FLARE) = SOLAR FLARE (sudden eruption),

32 Double definition of WOUND,

33 Anagram (crudely) of SEEN surrounding (lying about) reversal (from the East) of stadd (ROD) = ENDORSE (advocate),

34 (L)arge-scal(E) after removal (evacuation) of the middle letters follows (after) 1st letter (onset) of (D)readful + flatulence (WIND) = DWINDLE (decline),

36 Container (pOUCH) minus 1st letter (unopened) = OUCH (cry of pain),

37 Items selected for purchase (BASKET) following (after) superfluous (WASTE) + study (PAPER) = WASTE PAPER BASKET (bin),

41 Anagram (new) of PARABLE OF minus (not using) (F)orce but adding (R)oyal = POLAR BEAR (animal) ,

42 Answer hidden (a little) within idIOT Argues =IOTA (bit),

44 Spanish river (RIO) surrounds (overwhelms) key (ALT) = RIALTO (example of bridge),

46 Last letter (tail) of mos(T) + unusual (RUM) + dog (example of PET) = TRUMPET (bring attention to)

47 Reversal (recalled) of decorator (ICER) + expert (ABLE) + being available during program (IN-APP) at the beginning = INAPPRECIABLE (tiny),

48 Double definition of PRECONCEIVE,

49 Reversal (with hindsight) of church court (ROTA) + celebrated (NOTED) = DETONATOR (charge).


1 Anagram (as something else) of DEPICTS IRON = DESCRIPTION (picture),

2 Make (OBLIGE) + 1st letter (a spot of) (R)agout = OBLIGER (someone who helps),

3 Intimate (PRIVATE) + girl if said in a Cockney (from London) accent (ER) = PRIVATEER (pirate),

4 Grant (AID) + 1st letter (introduction) of (E)very = AIDE (assistant),

5 Early for of EU (EC) + overdue (LAT)e minus last letter (almost) = ECLAT (conspicuous success),

6 Ist letters (suggestions) of words 3-5 (OTT) when said in full (wholly) = OVER-THE-TOP (excessive),

7 Old lover (EX) + can (TIN) + court (CT) = EXTINCT (no more),

8 Twists and turns (SNAKES) + AND + runs (LADDERS) = SNAKES AND LADDERS (game),

9 Double definition of a word meaning better and (split 2,4) what might be going to the floors above.,

10 Stopped (FILLED) with hand (R) inserted (putting in) + fat (LARD) containing heart of pr(IZ)ed = FRILLED LIZARD (reptile),

11 DOGGY BAGS (receptacles) are used both for bodily waste and something you might eat later.,

17 Anagram (break) of OUT + EMPHATIC CHEER = CHEMOTHERAPEUTIC (using drugs),

19 Take (naked) the outside letters of nUNs + certain (BOUND) = UNBOUND (unrestrained),

21 Reversal (about) of criticism (FLACk) minus last letter (endless) = CALF (a bit of leg),

23 TISSUE CULTURE (growth of cells) might also describe a society where colds are prevalent and tissues required.,

25 Homophone (reportedly) suggesting an increase in complaints (boos up) = BOOZE-UP (party),

28 Alternate letters (occasionally) of tUrNeD tO = UNDO (reverse),

30 Pick (ELECT) + trailblazer (pIONEER) minus 1st letter (ignoring opening) = ELECTIONEE (campaign),

31 Fall over (TRIP) + copy (repLICATE) minus (dropped) agent (rep) = TRIPLICATE (three times),

32 Comic (WIT) + on next (UP) surrounding band (HOOP) = WHOOP IT UP (celebrate noisily),

35 Stupid (INANe) minus last letter (not entirely) + partnership (coalITION) minus (banning) fossil fuel (coal) = INANITION (mental weakness),

38 Anagram (shift) of the answer to 22 = TERMINI (stops at the end),

39 Homophone (allegedly) of put paid to (kill) brief announcement (obit) = KILOBIT (more than 1000 pieces of information),

40 Keen (CRY) on an acronym for turnover when split (PTO) = CRYPTO (digital exchange mechanism),

43 After a short (T)ime, anaesthetic (EPIDural) minus (is ditched) range (ural) = TEPID (indifferent),

45 Reversal (up) of what they might call (say) the internet in Yorkshire (T’NET) = TENT (shelter).