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11 (R)ight in the middle of bobby (COPPER) preceded by (first) anagram (curious) of CAMEO = COME A CROPPER (flop),

12 Answer is reversed (setback) and hidden (a little) in NO 1 SUFFEring = EFFUSION (stream),

13 Left over (SPARE) contains (S)mall = SPARSE (slight),

14 Got together (MET) + working (ON) inside capital (ROME) = METRONOME (it helps to keep up),

15 Double definition of believed and to have been captured= HELD,

16 Enclosure (COrRAL) without (diverting away) (R)iver = CORAL (marine life),

18 Anagram (agitated) surrounds (inside) a reversal (back) of fool (SAP) = EN PASSANT (by the way),

20 (T)ime + reversal of worry (GNAW) = TWANG (ringing sound),

23 Anagram (at sea) of ATE THESE = AESTHETE (art lover),

24 Blokes (MEN) surrounding (enlisting) help (AID) + trip (VOYAGE = MAIDEN VOYAGE (one not previously undertaken),

26 Goat (BUTTER) + money (BEAN) = BUTTER BEAN (seed),

28 First letters (sources) of words 3-7 = KHMER (Cambodian),

30 Homophone (report) of an exclamation acknowledging your arrival (YOU’RE HERE) as if said by a Cockney (in London) = UREA (waste),

31 A letter used to mark the spot (X) follows (behind) mirror (APE) = APEX (point),

32 Little time (MO) + reversal (retrospective) of install (FIT) = MOTIF (design),

34 Recording the number (COuNTING) minus (missing) a letter indicating turn (u) + hospital clinic (ENT) = CONTINGENT (group),

35 Early (morning) acclaim (GLORY) = MORNING GLORY (trumpet growth, alluding to the shape of the flowers)),

37 Anagram (developing) of STRONGly IS minus the outside letters (banks) of (l)oll(y) = RINGTOSS (game),

39 Definition of lively (ZIPPY) is also a TV puppet.,

41 Anagram (swimming) of SHOAL goes round SPIT (of which Spurn Head is an example) = HOSPITALS (places for curing),

42 Double definition of proven and to be trustworthy = TRIED,

45 1st letter (initially) of (N)ever + bother (AIL) = NAIL (perform well),

46 Homophone (from the sound of it)  of gentle (mellow) + spectacle (drama) = MELODRAMA (highly charged performance),

48 Reversal (return) of LAPTOP could be a snooker or gardening chum,

50 Opt for (ELECT) + eRICa once outside letters (clothes) = ELECTRIC (very exciting),

51 Anagram (worried) of CORNISH POET = STEREOPHONIC (way of recording).


1 Reversal (fixed up) of kitty (POOL) + entire (wHOLE) minus 1st letter (guillotine) = LOOPHOLE (escape),

2 1st letters (starts to) of (B)lend (R)ecipe surrounding outside letters (shell) of (E)dibl(E) = BEER (tipple),

3 Answer is hidden in (involved in) adhOC TETe = OCTET (number of players),

4 Observation (COMMENt) minus last letter (detailed) + concrete (CEMENT) = COMMENCEMENT (start),

5 Reversal (over) of HEADS (TIPS) = SPIT (skewer),

6 A follower (B) + opportunity (ROOM) + remain (STICK) = BROOMSTICK (handle),

7 Warren, an example of a creatures DEN, + weight (OUNCE) = DENOUNCE (publicly criticise),

8 Read 2,3, OFTEN (generally) could indicate use of decimals.

9 Answer is hidden (appears in) moviES CHEWbacca = ESCHEW (avoid),

10 Rushing (bowling) + conservationist (GREEN) = BOWLING GREEN (sports ground),

17 Reversal (recall) of NINA (of which Simone is an example) takes in (imbibing) bird (TIT)+ bull (OX) = ANTITOXIN (blood serum),

19 Read 2,4 ADMIN (paperwork) could suggest the minimum cost for an advert (publicity),

21 Double definition of REPRIMAND,

22 1st letter (preface) to (A)cademic + forms (VERSIONS) = AVERSIONS (hates),

25 Anagram (casually) of URGE TYSON = YOUNGSTER (juvenile),

27 Not up to (UNABLE) contains (admitting) homophone (so-called) of oracle (PROFIT) = UNPROFITABLE (worthless),

29 Anagram (surprisingly) of ALERT MINER WAs minus last letter (wanting last) = MINERAL WATER (drink),

33 Anagram (stupidly) of KIDS following (going after) loose (FLOPPY) = FLOPPY DISK (drive),

34 Like this challenge (CRYPTic) minus (without) the outside letters (limits) of IdiotiC = CRYPT (vault), 36 Bob (DUCK) with (L)eft inside + slime (GOO) at the front (outset) = GOOD LUCK (fortune),

38 Something you would not choose to do to a mine = STEP ON IT (hurry up),

40 The answer is hidden (some) in exPO LICEences = POLICE (regulate),

43 Each (EvERY) turning handful (V, ie five) into thousand (M) by adding 995 = EMERY (coarse material),

44 Get rid of (sheds) pound (pen) from penELOPE = ELOPE (run away),

47 Hail (AVE) + (R)oyal = AVER (state),

49 Word for procedure (OP) repeated, the 1st reversed (on its head) = POOP (tire).