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10 Person (SELF) + from in French (DE) + border (FENCE) = SELF-DEFENCE (means of fighting off),

11 Tolerate (STAN)d minus last letter (for the most part) + title holder (CH)amp(ION) minus (removing) sound system (amp) = STANCHION (supporting bar),

13 Whimsical definition of how someone might ACT OUT (play a role) if they wanted to seem camp,

14 Gone (OUT) precedes (ahead) informant (SOURCE) = OUTSOURCE (organise work elsewhere),

15 Small (S) + American vessel (USS) = SUSS (work out the nature of),

16 Everyone (ALL) + blasted (FIRED) + at university (UP) = ALL FIRED UP (energised),

19 Deal (TRAFFIC) + crowd (JAM) = TRAFFIC JAM (congestion),

20 Chamber (HALL) + French agreement (OUI) surrounding (about) 1st letter (beginning to) of (M)ake = HALLOUMI (cheese),

21 Whimsical notion of what RANGEFINDERS (devices) might be used for.,

23 Established (ORTHODOX) + profession (CHURCH) = ORTHODOX CHURCH (service provider), 25 Answer hidden (content) in virtuo(SOS O)utlaw = SO-SO (mediocre) ,

27 Last letters (in the end) of the last 4 words of the clue = SCOT (northerner),

28 Group (BAND) contains (included) study (READ) + base (BUTT) + how a Cockney might refer to a woman (‘ER) = BREAD AND BUTTER (livelihood),

31 During commercial break (IN AD) + long to see (MISS) + a (I) + the 1st, 3rd, 5th letters (oddly) of (B)a(L)l(E)t = INADMISSIBLE (not acceptable),

33 The opposite of well (ILL) + reversal (withdrawing) of produce (EMIT) + 1st letter (initially) of (D)esirable = ILL-TIMED (unwelcome),

34 The answer is hidden (part of) in vide(O MISSINg – IP)so and reversed (bring about) with (A) and (G)ood exchanged = PIANISSIMO (very quiet),

36 An anagram (treated) of A FEW GERMS around A = SEWAGE FARM (waste facility),

37 Sound of a drop that might also be found in 36a = PLOP,

38 Anagram (school) of LEO DURING = UNGODLIER (not as good as),

40 Article (AN) + AN again (then once more) but reversed (returns) + 1st and last letters (uninhabited) of (L)andmas(S) = ANNALS (records,

42 Bird (STARLING) with (T)emoerature inserted (internal) = STARTLING (astonishing),

43 Call (TELEPHON)e minus last letter (inconclusive) + original (IST) = TELEPHONIST (operator).

Down: 1 Chap (HE) + anagram (fallout) of NUCLEAR = HERCULEAN (fabulously strong),

2 Take sent from se(AFRO)nt = AFRO (haircut),

3 Visit (SEE) + THe minus last letter (endless) + area of long grass (ROUGH) = SEE-THROUGH (revealing),

4 Double definition of less important status & repeat crime = SECOND FIDDLE ,

5 Answer is hidden in (contribution from) spe(ECH T)herapist = ECHT (genuine in German, listed in Collins),

6 Reversal of (reverse) sudden change of direction (ZAG) inside (during) watch = STARGAZE (as astronomer might) ,

7 Bury (INTER) + trust (FAITH) = INTERFAITH (between different religions such as Sikh and Hindu),

8 1st letters (initially) of words 2-7 = PHYSIC (unusual word for remedy),

9 Anagram (bananas) of REHEATS SOUR = HOUSE ARREST (porridge at home),

12 Homophone (allegedly) of FOUR (less than a handful) TUNE (songs) HUNTERS (people seeking) = FORTUNE HUNTERS (speculators) 

17 Anagram (broken) of LIFT followed by assessment was made (RATED) = FILTRATED (strained),

18 Anagram (went crazy) of EXPLORED + BOND IE = PEROXIDE BLONDE (fair-haired woman),

22 Reversal (returns) od SID (of which James is an example) + disprove (BELIE) + (F)emale = DISBELIEF (scepticism) ,

24 Talk a lot (RABBIT) before architect (WREN) with arrival inserted (in) = RABBIT WARREN (underground tunnels),

26 Anagram (cooking) of I CANT TELL If with 1st letter (pinch) of (S)alt replacing (for) 1st letter (a bit) of (f)lavour = SCINTILLATE (flash),

28 Hector (BULLY) surrounds (admits) LIStS (with (t)ime taken away) and (F)unction = BLISSFULLY (happily),

29 Anagram (about) of THE + unknown (Y) with member (LEG) + song (RAP) inside (take in) = TELEGRAPHY (way to send message),

30 Man (HE) + not talented (ARTLESS) = HEARTLESS (cruel),

32 Reversal (revolutionary) of turns down (DIMS) + relevant info (GEN) + 1st letter (start to) of (S)uppress) = SMIDGENS (little bits),

35 Example of APE (King Kong perhaps) + (R)ight contained (getting wrapped in (N)ew (Y)ork = NAPERY (linen),

39 Setter (I) + club (TEaM) minus (without) a = ITEM (thing),

41 Homophone of a word representing a denial in German (nein) = NINE (baseball team, like eleven in football).