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1 Mischievous chap’s (DEVIL’S) + is (‘S) + a supporter (ADVOCATE) = DEVIL’S ADVOCATE (provocateur),

8 Time (T) + newspaper (RAG) + homophone (broadcast) of I see (IC)= TRAGIC (terrible),

12 If read 2,3, INCAN (related to South American Empire) could mean how things are preserved.,

13 Bound (SpRING) replacing (discard) the 1st letter (front) of (p)ants with ball support (TEE) =  STEERING (guidance),

14 Indicating the opposite (UN) + light (FAIR) = UNFAIR (not just),

16 Reversal (come back) of fashionable young person (MOD) inserted into (having broken) rulers (KINGS) = KINGDOMS (orders, as in classifications),

17 Anagram (to shreds) of TEARS PARAGON = PERSONA GRATA (welcome diplomat),

18 BTW (PS) + charitable donations (ALMs) minus last letter (ultimately going) = PSALM (song),

19 Opt for (PICK) inside (opening) files (SANDS) + reproach (PAN) = SPICK-AND-SPAN (neat),

25 Nothing (O) + great (MEGA) = OMEGA (last in series),

26 Isolation (LONElineSS) minus (not) part of poem (line) surrounding (about) (CH)ief = LOCH NESS (home of fabulous creature),

27 Answer contained in (residing in) united stateS OF America = SOFA (ottoman) ,

30 Central bit that doesn’t move (DEAD CENTRE – eg on a lathe) could also be a mortuary,

31 Fishing correspondent (PETER) surrounding (over) + stadium room (DOME) + (S)unday = PEDOMETERS (notes steps taken),

33 Initial letters (opening moments) of words 5-8 = NAIL (catch),

34 Anagram (not usually) of MATING IS = GIANTISM (cause of abnormal growth),

35 (GR)eat surrounding (including) a (ONE) = GONER (person soon to depart),

38 Anagram (mingled) of PLUTOCRAT combined (together) with ANN = CONTRAPUNTAL (making a nice contrast),

39 Anagram (having translated) of INSAnE minus (leaves) 1st letter (initially) of (N)ovel = ANISE (plant),

42 Top team (MAN U) + break (FRACTURE) with (R)ight in the letters FACT moved to the end = MANUFACTURER (creator),

45 Homophone (allegedly) of make adjustment (tune/TUN) + A + swimmer (FISH) = TUNA FISH (An example – perhaps – of the contents of a food can),

47 When belonging to woman (her) is removed from (is not used) hAIR DRYer = AIR-DRY (remove moisture naturally),

48 Homophone (reportedly) of more affected (phonier/FONIA) follows (after) offence (SIN) = SINFONIA (group of musicians),

49 About (RE) + take part in (RUN) = RERUN (repeat),

50 YEt minus last letter (mostly) in front of (leading) country (OMAN) = YEOMAN (smallholder),

51 Anagram (reconstructed) of NEW ORLEANS TURK = NEURAL NETWORKS (computer prpgrams.


1 Final letter (last of) deserte(D) + arenas (RINKS) = DRINKS (social gathering),

2 Six (VI) + hundred (C) + fish (tUNA) minus 1st letter (headless) = VICUNA (yarn) ,

3 Anagram (strangely) of NOSTALGIC END = LONG-DISTANCE (marathon),

4 Gathering (ASSEMBLY) + row (LINE) = ASSEMBLY LINE (manufacturing arrangement),

5 Compete (VIE) + (W)estern = VIEW (opinion),

6 Double definition of agree and write = CORRESPOND,

7 Clothes (TOGS) surrounding (covering) the last letter (bottom) of woma(N) = TONGS (used to lift up), 9 Anagram (merry) of NEE EDGAR = RENEGADE (disloyal),

10 Anagram (grotesque) of A + VAGUely minus (disposed of) ely (city) = GUAVA (fruit),

11 Hanging (CURTAIN) + people who keep bidding (RAISERS) = CURTAIN-RAISERS (openers),

15 1st letters (lids) of words 5-7 + middle letter of cont(A)iner + last letter (at last) of lorr(Y) = UNSAY (take back),

21 Reversal (about) of scrap (SNIP) surrounding (boxing) better (HONE) = PHONE-INS (shows),

22 Detaining (HOLDING) visitors (COMPANY) = HOLDING COMPANY (business organisation),

23 Member (LEG) + allowance (rATION) minus 1st letter (doesn’t start) = LEGATION (diplomatic mission),

24 Reversal of (turning) all for (PRO) with offspring (SCION) outside = SCORPION (arachnid),

28 Anagram (excercises) of CONSUMER TEAM = COMMENSURATE (sufficient),

29 Top school (HARROW) includes (takes) advantage (EDGE) + latest (SP) = HEDGE SPARROW (flier),

32 Anagram (unlikely) of  RAC FOUNDER = UNCARED FOR (to be neglected),

36 Teacher (PROF) + alternative (OR) + degree (MA) = PRO FORMA (indicates expected earnings),

37 Swap (exchange) a for potty (PO) in every (EaCH) = EPOCH (period),

40 Answer contained in (from) KashMIR RO-RO ferry = MIRROR (provides a view back),

41 Peforms badly (TANKS) with (H)usband inserted (bored by) = THANKS (appreciation),

43 Reversal (up) of called (RANg) minus last letter (nearly) + army leader (CO) = NARCO (drug dealer),

44 Something already referred to (IT) inserted into (charging) a in French (UNE) = UNITE (couple),

46 Reversal (about) of note (LA) with A + (N)ew at the beginning = ANAL (obsessive).