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1 Homophone (ask) of if (whether) + position (STATION) = WEATHER STATION (used to gather data),

8 Anagram (harry) of PLEASE = ASLEEP (without feeling), 12 Papers (ID) + showed the way (LED) = IDLED (did nothing),

13 (O)scar follows (after) petition (BEG)  inside (during) film (MIST) = MISBEGOT (unlawfully got hold of),

14 Metropolitan (URBAN) + 1st letter (for starters) of (E)lite = URBANE (refined), 1

6 Call (PHONE) + anagram (out) of SIN = PHONE-INS (public broadcasts),

17 Anagram (to disrupt) VETS AUDITION = ADVENTITIOUS (unexpectedly appearing),

18 Reversal (turn round) A + thick flat piece (SLAB) = BALSA (wood),

19 Leading actor (STAR) follows (after) filming (SHOOTING) + SHOOTING STAR (meteoric fall),

25 No (O) + experience (LIVE) = OLIVE (savoury fruit),

26 Wise partner (ERIC, partner of Ernie Wise) contains (holding) reversal (retrograde) of beliefs (EThOS) minus (after losing) (H)usband = ESOTERIC (mysterious),

27 Gunners (RA) + latest info (SP) = RASP (file),

30 Anagram (surprisingly) of AUDITED mixed up with alternate letters (unexpectedly) of cArJaCk = ADJUDICATE (judge),

31 Is … able to (CAN) + a short version (briefly) of Eleanor + be working (ON) + one (I) = CANNELLONI (tubes of food),

33 Middle letters (centre) of words 2-5 = ANTE (bet),

34 Performed (DID) + turn (ACT) + mICe, having lost the letters ‘me’ = DIDACTIC (academic),

35 Read as 1 or 2 words BESET could mean plagued by or inflexible,

38 Go on a trip (TOUR) + top accomodation (IST CLASS) = TOURIST CLASS (cheapest way to travel),

39 Flower (TAY) containing (inside) one that has too much water (TT) = TATTY (tired-looking),

42 Going (OFF) + to where (THERE) + string (CORD) = OFF THE RECORD (unofficially discussed),

45 Homo[hone (told) of a beaut (a wonderful in Aussie) containing (take in) old French copper (SOL, a low value coin) = ABSOLUTE (perfect),

47 Homophone (allegedly) of one after another (in turn) = INTERN (trainee),

48 A+ shoot (BUD) + routine (HABIt) minus last letter (almost) = ABU DHABI (this capital),

49 Double definition of TIGHT,

50 Cry out (YELL) + as if hurt (OW) = YELLOW (cowardly),

51 Family (BREED) + at home (IN) + horse (GG) + tour (ROUND) = BREEDING GROUND (suitable environment).


1 (W)oman + child of the 60s (HIPPY) = WHIPPY (flexible),

2 Top consumers (AB) + appear (LOOM) = ABLOOM (to be blossoming),

3 Anagram (making) of HEEDING AD AND = HIDDEN AGENDA (secret plan),

4 Anagram (criminal) of IN CRIME SCENE = REMINISCENCE,

5 Double definition of TASK,

6 Last letter (end to) of firsT + study (READ) + revolution (wheel) = TREADWHEEL (routine),

7 What the Queen refers to herself as (ONE) follows Australia (OZ) = OZONE (gas),

9 Way (ST) + to betray trust (RAT) + such as (EG) last letter (final bit) of treacherY = STRATEGY (plan),

10 Time (ERA) + TO = ERATO (poetic muse),

11 Force (PRESSURE) + matters (POINTS) = PRESSURE POINTS (crucial areas),

15 Anagram (could be) of SAD IT = STAID (serious),

20 Bull (OX) + ITS sorrounding (about) level of proficiency (DAN) = OXIDANTS (agents causing reaction),

21 Keep (HOUSE) follows (finally) meal (TEA) = TEAHOUSE (Japanese restaurant),

22 Double definition of LOCAL AUTHORITY,

23 Jew (of which Israelite might be an example – perhaps) + 1st letters of words 4-8 (initially) = JIUJITSU (form of defence),

24 Anagram (possibly) of FILTHy (minus last letter (finish off) & LOO = FOOTHILL (one in a range),

28 nUNS minus 1st letter (dismiss leader) + pack (CRAM) + jewellery (BLING) = UNSCRAMBLING (making order of),

29 Anagram (about) of BLOG + alien (ET) + rat (ROTTER) = GLOBETROTTER (regular traveller),

32 Tom’s (CAT’S) support (CRADLE) = CAT’s CRADLE (children’s pastime),

36 (H)ospital + TO surrounding flap about (dITHER) minus the 1st letter (director leaving) = HITHERTO (so far),

37 Answer is found in (from) taking oUT chURN, minus companion (CH, ie Companion of Honour) = U-TURN (complete change) ,

40 Anagram (spreading) of GUNK before FUn, minus last letter (mostly) = KUNG FU (fighting with hand and feet),

41 Anagram (posturing) of TENDER = RENTED (taken),

43 Chubby (FAT) + bloke (AL) = FATAL (critical),

44 Anagram (broken) of BRACE = CABER (something chucked), 46 1st letters (from the outset) of words 3-6 = MAGI (wise men).