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11 Could be thought of as one likely to steal change = PENNY PINCHER (Scrooge),

12 Online (E) + threads (PILE) around (about) a Nigerian state (OGUn) minus the last letter (nearly) = EPILOGUE (conclusion),

13 Reversal (return) of can (TIN) + card (WIT) = NITWIT (idiot),

14 Whimsical notion (when divided 5,4) of what might happen if a pervert wore his coat back to front = FLASHBACK (memory),

15 Homophone (over the phone) of boisterous behaviour (jinks) = JINX (curse),

16 Porky (cHUBBY) minus 1st letter (not the first) = HUBBY (partner),

18 Homophone (hear that) of a cry of encouragement (go) + Mrs Blair (CHERIE) = GAUCHERIE (awkwardness),

20 Gunmen (RA) reversed (lying about) and after (finishing off) small company (SME) = SMEAR (malign),

23 Anagram (out) of MOVE IN OR = OMNIVORE (all-consuming fellow),

24 Lancashire town (ECCLES) + abandoned (orgIASTIC) minus (expelled) org (organisation) = ECCLESIASTIC (clergyman) ,

26 The same (ID) + clever (ABLE) preceded by (at the beginning) shape (FORM) = FORMIDABLE (impressive),

28 First letters (at first) of words 2-6 = NIHIL (nothing),

30 Special feature (USP) preceded by (starts with) 1st letter (original) of Carrie = CUSP (point),

31 Double definition of STIR,

32 letters hidden in (from the heart) of entertaINER Talks = INERT (still),

34 Anagram (badly) of LABoURS, without o (oxygen) but with debts (IOUS) = SALUBRIOUS (healthy),

35 Turn up (COME) + A + harvester (CROPPER) = COME A CROPPER (fail),

37 Diminutive American sweetheart (HON) surrounding (accepts) indignation (ANGER) = HANGER-ON (follower),

39 Sit (POSE) containing (drinking) 1st letter (a spot of) Sangria = POSSE (group of mates),

41 Lighter (BARGE) + upright (POLE) = BARGEPOLE (rod),

42 Letters taken (excerpts) from the middle of liVE TCHaikovsky = VETCH (growth),

45 1st letter (head) of Security + reversal (retrospectively) of paid for (MET) ,

46 Homophone (say) of extraordinary things (corkers) followed by (after) ring (O) + papers (ID) = CAUCASOID (a word that might describe Europeans),

48 1st letters (initially) of words 3-8 = CALIPH (ruler),

50 Anagram (unrest) of 1st letter (leader) of Communist + ASIATIC = SCIATICA (serious pain),

51 kURDs minus outer letters (naked) in outside letters (empty) of HallwaY + reversal (from the east) of RUG (runner) + drops dead (DIES) = HURDY-GURDIES (organs).


1 Anagram (battered) of DRUM I USE = RESIDUUM (dregs),

2 Article (A) + up-to-date (NEW) = ANEW (again),

3 Depression (PIT) inside London area (SE) = SPITE (rancour),

4 Anagram (broken) of FINE + clock (FACE) followed by (holding up) expert (ABLE) = INEFFACEABLE (not possible to remove),

5 Anagram (about) of HEAR = RHEA (divine Greek mum),

6 Anagram (reconstructed using) AD HOC CRANE = ARCHDEACON (pillar of the church), 7 Double definition of NEGATIVE,

8 People chosen (PICK) + 1st letter (opening) of Yesterday = PICKY (particular),

9 Record (LOG) + crowd (JAM) = LOGJAM (blockage),

10 Anagram (rampant) of NAUSEA BUG IS around (across) one (I) = GUINEA-BISSAU (African Republic),

17 Homophone (told) of boycott (ban) + what a town hall would be called in Calais (MARIE) = BAIN-MARIE (a way of keeping the heat on),

19 Theatre group (REP) in outside letters (vacant) of CafE = CREPE (cloth),

21 Reversal (rockets) of sell (FLOG) around Germany (D) + proceed with caution (INCH) = GOLDFINCH (red-faced flier),

22 Invoice (BILL) + A + pipe (BONG) = BILLABONG (Aussie backwater),

25 Anagram (criminal) of ALGIERS + this in French (CE) = SACRILEGE (utter disrespect),

 27 Anagram (new) of DOCTORS HIT ON = ORTHODONTICS (form of dentistry),

29 Not all (half) + festivals (HOLIDAYS) = HALF-HOLIDAYS (time off),

33 Leading (TOP) + troll (OGRe) minus last letter (almost) + 1st letters (starts to) of the last 4 words = TOPOGRAPHY (physical shape),

34 Reversal (up) of line (RY) with dine (SUP) outside = SYRUP (solution),

36 Example of (maybe) a Rita (ORA) + partiCULAR minus (erasing) opening episode (part I) = ORACULAR (prophetic),

38 Double definition of OCCUPIED,

40 Computer-generated activity (SIM) + I (one) + 1st letters (originally) of Antonio Negri (AN) = SIMIAN (linked to monkeys),

43 Second (S) + misdemeanour (CRIMe) minus last letter (hampered) = SCRIM (stuff in the sense of fabric),

44 Small (S) + homophone (caught) of quail (cower) = SCOUR (hunt),

47 Reversal (up) of turn (GO) + soldiers (RE) = OGRE (monster), 49 Cover (LID) + O (no/without) might describe a LIDO (swimming pool).