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SOLUTION TO BYLINE TIMES CROSSWORD #11set by Dr DivaSeptember 2021



1 Width of circle (DIA) + answer to 8 (ERE) + people called Simon (SIS) = DIAERESIS (mark),

6 The latest (SP) + awesome (ACE) + instruments (PROBES) = SPACE PROBES (crafts),

12 Anagram (confusingly) ATHENS IS housing (home to) barber’s shop = THESSALONIANS (residents of another city),

13 Speak enthusiastically (RAVE) after reduction in engineering (ENG) = ENGRAVE (cut),

14 Beat (DRUM) + critical (MAJOR) = DRUM MAJOR (officer),

15 Anagram (troubling) of FEUD (surrounding (involving) student (L) + large (L) + family (BLOOD) = FULL-BLOODED (uncompromising),

17 Reversal (reject) of call to look (LO) inside pack (RAM) = MOLAR (grinder),

18 Reversal (rebuffed) of china (CN) inside (during) an anagram (struggle) of LONESOME = SOMNOLENCE (peace),

20 Last letter (close to) buttocK + original name (NEE) = KNEE (name of joint),

22 Take the middle letters (centre) of gUN DOg = UNDO (open),

24 Anagram (confusion of) of EMIR surrounding (about) stars (constellation of LEO) followed (pursued) by police (MET) = MILEOMETER (gauge),

26 Last letters (finally chooses) from the following words = ETHYL (radical),

27 Anagram (school) of AS IT IS CO-ED = DISSOCIATE (drop connection with),

29 Anagram (remarkable) of ROMAN + dynasty (HOUSE) = MANOR HOUSE (dwelling),

32 Homophone (report) of ORAL = AURAL (about hearing) = anagram (upset) of LAURA (unusual to have the definition in the middle),

33 Anagram (at sea) of CAROL HAPPY = APOCRYPHAL (unlikely to be true),

34 Answer contained in (bit of) embraCED Every = CEDE (grant),

36 Take the letters of piss out of pROMisEs = ROME (city),

37 Make mistake (ERR) inside (during) appointment (DATE) follows (at the back of) a word of which cottage is an example (PIE) = PIED-A-TERRE (secondary abode),

39 Double definition of very specific & demand = EXACT,

42 Anagram (awfully) of REVIEWING AN = WINE VINEGAR (sharp bit og dressing),

43 Lacked finance (UNFUNDED) containing (kidnap) first letter (leader) of Oman = UNFOUNDED (), 45 Outside letters (shell) of OverstufF + kind of banknote (TENnER) minus (losing) unknown number (N) = OFTENER (more than regularly)),

47 Someone close (NEIGHBOUR) + eample (maybe) of a Robin (HOOD) = NEIGHBOURHOOD (community),

48 Family estate (SEAT) surrounding (without) rents out (LETS), all reversed (being right about) + secret (SLY) = TASTELESSLY (cheaply) ,

49 Homophone (told) of bottom (REAR) + class (RANGE) = REARRANGE (make changes).


1 Double definition – DATED means went out & old-fashioned,

2 Type of worker (cASUAL) minus intiail letter (not the first) including (admitting) former partner (EX) = ASEXUAL (neutral),

3 Reversal (send …up) of ME + A + recipe (R) surrounded by (covered with) fresh (ROSY) = ROSEMARY (herb),

4 Anagram (unsteadily) of JUST IN CASE I LIFT OFf without one of the letters meaning strong (f) = SELF-JUSTIFICATION (defence of my actions),

5 Tower (SOAR) surrounding (guards) new (N) = SONAR (way of locating),

6 Man (STAFF) + opportunity (ROOM) + last letter (finally) of discusS = STAFFROOMS (spaces for relaxation),

7 Tope consumers (AB) + work out (SOLVE) = ABSOLVE (excuse),

8 Homophone of song (air) = ERE (before),

9 Anagram (tumbledown) of IGNORE = REGION (district),

10 Getting on (BOARDING) + a word used as a modifier for school or farm (HOUSE) = BOARDING HOUSE (lodgings),

11 Whimsical notion of what a traffic officer would not say = SPEEDWELL (plant),

16 Anagram (negotiated) of FOR A DIOCESAN ABBOT = BICARBONATE OF SODA (used to get a rise),

17 Double definition = MOULD (design/characteristics),

19 Mini & Marina are examples of cars from the same Austin family as MAESTRO (expert),

21 Central letters (core characters) of the 1st four words of the clue =YEAH (voicing agreement) ,

23 Anagram (liberally) of adMINISTERS ACID minus the letters ad (without notice) = DISCRIMINATES (sees the difference),

25 Shirt (T) + Hip Hop artist (RAPPER) = TRAPPER (of which Kit Carson was an example – might be),

28 Drop alternate letters (oddly lacking) from sOcIaLlY = OILY (slick),

30 The answers is hidden in (implant) expEL ECTopic = ELECT (choose),

31 Anagram (modelling) of TRY FINE ART = FRATERNITY (companionship),

32 A + basic skill set (RRR, ie the 3 Rs) with the way Cockneys say h(OW) inserted (cracking) + reversal (upsetting) of overly (TOO) = ARROWROOT (means to make thick),

35 The word for of in French (DE) + assassination (MURdER) with copper (D) trading places with king (R) = DEMURRER (objection) ,

38 Liked (DUG) + playing (ON) + outside letters (wings) of GullS = DUGONGS (sea mammals),

40 Expession meaning like quickly (AND SOON) = AND SO ON (etc),

41 AVENUE (a place you might live), when split 1,5 can be a place to play,

43 Lady (SHE) surrounded by reversal (upped) of game (RU) = USHER (escort), 44 Double definition of trick & duck = DODGE.