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1 Woman (HER) surrounding box-like (CUBIC) = CHERUBIC (innocent),

6 Whimsical reading of JAM SESSION, 13 That’s (IE) following a share (CUT) = CUTIE (appealing person),

14 French paper (LE MONDe) minus last letter (most of) surrounding (wrapping) dog (CUR) = LEMON CURD (conserve),

15 Anagram (misplaced) of I CALL = LILAC (colour),

16 Dr Diva is (IM) + past it (PASSE) = IMPASSE (no agreement),

18 Start to bombard (B) + every (EACH) + main (HEAD) = BEACHHEAD (landing area),

19 Ear-piercing (lOUD) minus first letter (don’t begin) and reversed (on the way back) = DUO (couple),

20 Check up (MOT) + the in Spanish (EL) = MOTEL (accommodation),

22 Lift (RIDE) around bearing) half a horse (G, ie half of GG) = RIDGE (high ground),

24 A military commander and a means of cooking can both be referred to as an AGA,

26 The answer is found reversed (lying around) in hotEL BAThtub = TABLE ,

28 THE from the clue + IRS = THEIRS (doesn’t belong to us),

29 Point (of the compass, S) plus all but the last letter (largely) of willy (TODGEr) = STODGE (unappetising fare),

31 Homophone (as the saying goes) of peerage with bells on (sir +) = SURPLUS (unwanted),

32 Heather (ling) follows (after) modification (CHANGE) = CHANGELING (child substitute),

34 Anagram (out) of sLIPs minus outside letters (naked) within (into) virtual conurbation (SIM CITY) = SIMPLICITY (without complications),

37 Single (S) + reversal (turns) of lady-of-the-night (TART) + hesitation (UM) = STRATUM (solid layer),

38 Decorate birthday cake (ICE) + number of years (AGE) = ICE AGE (time),

39 Resolve (PARSE) + first letter (origin) of (C)rime = PARSEC (a very long way, like 3.262 light years!!),

41 Show little respect (DIS) + person in charge (CO) = DISCO (nightclub),

42 Reversal (counter) of bar (BAN) = NAB (nick),

43 Anagram (goes unsteadily) of OAP + church (CH) = POACH (steal),

45 Granny (NAN) inside that;s (IE) = INANE (senseless),

46 Anagram (could be) of AND = DNA (the way you are),

48 Homophone (announced) of a selection of goods (some ware) = SOMEWHERE (unknown location),

51 AmaZON cut in half (half destroyed) + backer (ALLY) = ZONALLY (related to an area),

53 Homophone (talk about) of fashion (style) = STILE (steps),

54 Gather round (FLOCK) surrounding (around) international (INTL) = FLINTLOCK (weapon),

55 About (C, circa) + reversal (returning) of AGNOstic minus the last half (half-cut) = CONGA (dance),

56 Whimsical definition of a word for slanderer, MUDSLINGER, that suggests all the dirt sticks, ie MUDS LINGER,

57 Anagram (blunders) of A DOODLER = ELDORADO ( a place of great wealth).


2 Male (HE) + sheep (TUP) = HET UP (agitated),

3 Homophone (sounding like) of Aussie high jumper (roo) = RUE (regret),

4 If a famous Mary (perhaps) had a son called William, he might be known as  BILL BERRY with BILl lacking the last letter (cut) = BILBERRY (fruit),

5 Affected (CAMP) + reversal (stuck up) of posh girl (DEB) = CAMP BED (temporary berth),

6 Anagram (goes wrong) of JAUNT = JUNTA (government),

7 Anagram (model) of MUTTERING HOW A = MOUTH-WATERING (very attractive),

8 Remove the letters, not in order, (features … anyway) of showy from wENDy hoUsE = ENDUE (provide…with quality),

9 (S)mall + little trickster (ELF) + drive (DETERMINATION) = SELF-DETERMINATION (independence),

10 Cryptic definition of OILED, meaning drunk, if preceded by well, and protected if on its own.,

11 Anagram (rogue) of MASoCHISTIC minus the O (take nothing away) = SCHISMATIC (involved in faction),

12 Repeat (ECHO) + not as frequently (LESS) = ECHOLESS (doesn’t repeat at all),

17 Whimsical definition of someone who can get up unaided having fallen (ie able to self-right) as having a superior attitude of SELF-RIGHTEOUSNESS,

21 Push (THRUSt) minus the last letter (not the last) about (arrest) Jacob’s brother (ESAU) = THESAURUS (reference showing alternatives),

23 Start with alternate letters (regularly) of nEeDeD + 1st letter (leader) of (Y)outh = EDDY (move around),

25 Outside letters (cored) of (A)ppl(E) followed by (after) bribe (SOP) = AESOP (storyteller),

27 Anagram (roughly) of CALIBrATES minus (away) (R)ight = BALTIC SEA (body of water),

30 Cryptic definition of  TENPIN BOWLING where the two best plays are a strike, then a spare.,

33 Homophone (we’re told) of toilet cleaners (loo men) = LUMEN (light unit),

35 Whimsical clue suggesting the sort of conversation a horny cow (YAK) might hold = YACKETY-YAK (prattle),

36 Brush (sWEEP) minus first letter (aside initial) = WEEP (sob), 37 Team (SIDE) + receiver (DISH) = SIDE DISH (extra food order),

40 Expert (WHIZZ) + trick (KID) = WHIZZ-KID (bright spark),

44 Anagram (anyway) of NAME + a (ONE) = ANEMONE (plant),

47 Mould (DIE) + covering (plated) of gold (AU) = ADIEU (indicate you’re leaving),

49 Answer is hidden (some of) in AdmIT FUMigating and reversed (returning) = MUFTI  (clothes),

50 Anagram (high, in the sense of off) STREEt, minus the last letter (nearly) = ESTER (compound),

52 Reversal (about) of failure to acknowledge (DENIaL) minus (abandoning) the letter a = LINED (ruled),

55 Reversal (topsy-turvy) of competition (RACe) without the last letter (hampered) = CAR (coach).