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Puzzles by Dr. Diva


9 Double definition of SOLVENT

10 Advanced  (PUT UP) + working (ON) = PUT UPON (take advantage of)

11 At university (UP) + quit (ENDED) = UPENDED (thrown into disarray)

12 The letters for (IT)aly contain (in) please note (NB) + even characters from fUsIlLi = INBUILT (essential)

13 Anagram (barking) of EDITORS IN = DISORIENT (confuse)

15 Homophone (state) of EXILE (formerly surrounded by water = banish

16 Enchanting (maGICAL) replacing graduate (MA) with look (LO) = LOGICAL (sensible)

19 Double definition of REACTOR

20 Information (GEN) + last letters (ultimately) of quas(I) subversiv(E) = GENIE (spirit)

21 Agreed (YES) + last letter (finally) of ge(T) + anagram (club) of READY) = YESTERDAY (very recently)

25 Ruin (MAR) + sex (IT) + ALl minus the last letter (mostly) = MARITAL (to do with marriage)

26 How a homophone of minor (ie miner) might describe a PITPROP

28 NOT + onIONS minus the first on (not on starter) = NOTIONS (fancies)

29 Homophone (picking up) of unused (idle/IDOL) + watches (eyes/ISE) = IDOLISE (love)


1 Double definition of IS SUED/ISSUED

2 Anagram (unexpected) of PERILS = PLIERS (something gripping)

3 Limeade with outside letters (about) of fib (LIE) removed (deny) = MEAD (drink)

4 Reverse (double) peppers (DOTS) + last letters (in the end) of eatin(G) som(E) = STODGE (unpalatable food)

5 (S) + device for producing e.g. (say) letters = SPRINTER (is hard to keep up with)

6 Circumstances (STATE) surrounding masterful (ABLE) + middle letter (stuffing) of ani(M)als = STABLEMATE (companion)

7 Decide (OPT) + setter is (I’M) + the best (IST) = OPTIMIST (positive person)

8 Anagram (could be) of I KNEW ART = KNITWEAR (something to keep you warm)

14 Double definition if split (part) 2-8 of RECREATION meaning play

16 Anagram (surprisingly) of (M)ale + GENITALs minus (ignoring) (S)mall = LIGAMENT (what keeps us together)

17 Officer (GENERAl) minus final letter (finish off) + middle letters (essential ingredients) of ga(TE)au = GENERATE (make)

18 Homophone (announced) of record of legal advisers (lawyer lst) = LOYALIST (government supporter)

22 Anagram (off) of PISSES = SEPSIS (life-threatening attack)

23 Reversal (promoting) of someone who’s not honest (LIAR) + journalist (ED) = DERAIL (stop)

24 First letters (starts to) of words 4-9 = YIPPEE (yahoo)

27 Implement (TOOL) that is TOO (L)arge