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1 Before (ERE) inside (accepting place in) dance school (RAD) = REREAD (review text)

4 Turned (off) + (H)usband inside (during) upset (SORE) = OFFSHORE (near the coast)

10 Study (DEN) + homophone (alleged) of financial sector (city/SITY) = DENSITY (stupidity)

11 f(IRS)t minus outer letters (discovered) with a number of (SOME) inserted (swallowing) = ISOMERS (chemicals)

12 Reversal of contents (some) of oF FAN’s = NAFF (pants)

13 Common vegetable (TATER) surrounding (cover … with) shiny plate (CHrOME) minus  (away) (R)ight = TACHOMETER (this measures how fast)

15 Double definition of SUNDRY (SUN DRY)

16 Anagram (work) of MIRACLE = RECLAIM (recover)

20 Pub (PH) with the last letter (finally) included in (gets involved) a reversal (returns) of unwanted (SPARE) = PERHAPS (maybe)

21 Mess up (MUFF) + hot (IN) = MUFFIN (cake)

24 Anagram (amazing) of I REVEAL IT’S = REVITALISE (bring something back from the dead)

26 Homophone (sounds like) of my audience (YOU) + will cut short (‘LL) =YULE (CHRISTMAS)

28 Confusion (FOG) + strike (LAMP) = FOG LAMP (it elucidates)

29 Pointless s(EX) + joke (PUN) + vote (GE) = EXPUNGE (wipe out)

30 Sanguine (RED) surrounds (about) experience (LIVE) containing (around) Spain (E) = RELIEVED (happy)

31 Sent with letter (ENC) + A + representative (MP) = ENCAMP (lodge). 


1 Homophone (as stated) of regretted (rued/RUDE) + -NESS (denoting nature of) = RUDENESS (impertinence)

2 Del Boy as an example (for instance) of FENCE follows (joining) group (RING) = RING-FENCE (put restrictions on)

3 Reversal (revolutionary) of A + broadcast (AIR) = ARIA (song), 5 Just (RIGHT) entering marshland (FEN) = FRIGHTEN (cow)

6 Outside letters (housing) of (S)andhurs(T) + 1st letters (initially) of words 3-6 (ORMC) + vulgar (LOUD) = STORM CLOUD (threat)

7 Alternate letters (occasionally) lOuVrEs RoT = OVERT (plain)

8 Anagram (distressed) of NURSE + 1st letter (a bit of) (E)ncouragement = ENSURE (check)

9 Double definition of BYWAY, 14 Anagram (surprisingly) of TV CHAIRS ARE minus (not) (S)mall  = ARCHITRAVE (a decorative feature)

17 Persuade (INFLUENce) minus (leave) church (CE) + South Africa (ZA) = INFLUENZA (pandemic)

18 Programme (APP) + that’s (IE) surrounding reversal (holding up) of Spanish for the (EL) +  copper (P) = APPLE PIE (a very American thing)

19 Want (need) inserted (to be imprisoned) into tower (KEEP) = KNEE-DEEP (at this level)

22 Double definition of PREFER

23 Promoter (pUSHER) minus 1st letter (quietly dumped) = USHER (escort)

25 Reversal (up) pf GIVe minus last letter (briefly) + central letters (in the middle) of mILk = VIGIL (silent protest)

27 Reversal (review) of (N)ew + increases (UPS) = SPUN (exaggerated).