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Sam Bright, Peter Jukes and Hardeep Matharu

Above and Beyond the Law: ‘Partygate’ has Fatally Exposed Britain’s Political System

, 12 April 2022
In a succession of scandals, Boris Johnson has opened the floodgates to wrongdoing and impunity by politicians like never before – aided by his lawless friends in the British press and a sclerotic constitution 

Selective Sleaze: The Crescendo of the Cronyism Crisis

, 25 June 2021
With a tabloid feeding frenzy over a minister’s alleged affair, Sam Bright, Peter Jukes and Hardeep Matharu explore the wider public issues concealed by personal scandal

Against the Wall: How Johnson’s Cronyism Contributed to his Woeful Mishandling of the Coronavirus Pandemic

, 28 April 2021
From “she’s buying gold wallpaper” to “let the bodies pile high”, questions must be asked about the priority the Prime Minister gave to the pandemic when it emerged last year – at the same time as he was worrying about matters closer to home

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