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Carole Concha Bell

Haggling for Post-Brexit Deals, the UK is Reneging on its Pledge to Sanction Human Rights Abusers

, 3 February 2021
The UK is failing in its moral commitment to tackle foreign repression, says Carole Concha Bell

Haiti’s Embezzled Billions: The Revolt Against the President’s ‘State Terrorism’

, 22 December 2020
Carole Concha Bell reports on protests in Haiti against corruption, which have been violently repressed

Tottenham Hotspur Owner Takes Over Ancestral Land in Argentina

, 9 December 2020
Carole Concha Bell reports on how a British businessman and football club owner has sparked a conflict between an indigenous community and Argentina's security forces

Latin America on the Edge: Pandemic Mishandling, Corruption and Authoritarianism Ignite Mass Dissent

, 3 December 2020
Carole Concha Bell reports on the social unrest exploding across Latin America as governments fail to address the Coronavirus pandemic and its consequences

‘Institutionalised Impunity’: Chilean Police Shooting at Children’s Home Sparks New Wave of Unrest

, 20 November 2020
Carole Concha Bell reports on another atrocity as Chile’s billionaire President Sebastian Piñera allows police violence to return to the horrific levels of the Augusto Pinochet regime

Our Land: A Corporate-State Stitch-Up is Crushing Indigenous Communities in Argentina

, 1 October 2020
Carole Concha Bell speaks to indigenous rights activists in Argentina about their battle to reclaim ancestral land

The Repression of Indigenous Chile

, 21 August 2020
Carole Concha Bell reports on how the Mapuche indigenous community is being tyrannised by far-right groups, multinationals and the Government

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