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GB News Presenter Darren Grimes ‘Playing Into Far-Right Tropes of a Muslim Takeover’

The host posted a series of AI-generated memes featuring Labour leader Keir Starmer in Islamic dress alongside Muslim women

Britain’s leading Muslim organisation accused Darren Grimes of “playing into far-right tropes of a Muslim takeover.”

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The leading body representing Muslim organisations in the UK has accused GB News of promoting Islamophobia, after one of its presenters posted a series of memes which “play into far-right tropes of a Muslim takeover”.

Darren Grimes, who is a weekend presenter on GB News, published the posts on his X account, featuring AI-generated images of Labour leader Keir Starmer wearing Islamic dress and standing alongside Muslim women.

In one post Grimes asks “How has Labour changed?” alongside a black and white image of white men in flat caps, contrasted with another AI-generated image of the Labour leader standing in front of women of colour wearing Islamic headdresses.

In another Tweet, Grimes asks “what will Britain look like after 5 years of Keir Starmer?” alongside an AI-generated image of Starmer wearing a full body Islamic dress, besides another Muslim woman.

In a further Tweet, Grimes shows Starmer wearing an Islamic dress in the Pride rainbow colours, while standing in front of more Muslim women, with the message “July 5th 2024.”

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‘Playing Into Far-Right Tropes’

The Secretary General of the Muslim Council of Britain condemned the posts.

“Weaponising Muslim women to attack a politician and playing into far-right tropes of a Muslim takeover should have no place in public life”, Zara Mohammed, Secretary General of the Muslim Council of Britain, said.

“It is unclear how such an Islamophobic perspective from a prominent public face of GB News aligns with the broadcaster’s goal of being perceived as a respectable news outlet.”

Mohamed said the posts were indicative of a broader problem at the channel.

“Darren Grimes is not alone. Islamophobia is prevalent on GB News. This cannot continue.”


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Earlier this year GB News host and former Conservative Deputy Chair Lee Anderson was suspended from the party after saying on the station that Islamists have “got control of London” and its mayor, Sadiq Khan.

Khan condemned the comments as “Islamophobic, anti-Muslim, and racist”.

Despite the row, which led to Anderson defecting to fellow GB News host Nigel Farage’s Reform party, the channel continued to employ the politician.

Farage himself has also been accused of Islamophobia, after a series of comments, including the suggestion last month that large numbers of Muslims “loathe” British values.

Despite these incidents, the Channel has continued to rise in prominence and is now part of the official “pool” of broadcasters which regularly interview the Prime Minister and other leading politicians on behalf of all broadcasters. At the Conservative Party’s manifesto launch earlier this week GB News was the first outlet to be called to ask a question by Rishi Sunak.


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Byline Times contacted GB News to ask whether the channel endorses Grimes’ Tweets, or plans to take any action against their presenter, but did not receive any response. 

The posts all remain on Grimes’ X account.

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