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Angela Rayner Tax Protest Was Staged by Conservative Politicians Posing as ‘Tax Activists’

A supposedly grassroots ‘tax protest’ against Labour Deputy Leader Angela Rayner, which hit the headlines on Wednesday, was actually organised by the Conservative party

One of the ‘tax protesters’ was local Conservative Councillor John Coulson

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A supposedly grassroots ‘tax protest’ against Labour party Deputy Leader Angela Rayner, which hit the headlines on Wednesday, was organised and conducted by Conservative party politicians, one of the organisers has admitted to Byline Times.

The Daily Express published video from the protest in Yarm, North Yorkshire, showing what were described as “activists” donning caps, glasses and yellow vests with the slogan “tax inspector”.

The report refers to what are described as “local sources” suggesting that Rayner was “forced to sneak out the back door of the Tomahawk bar to avoid being photographed with the protestors on the way out.”

“Walking down Yarm highstreet, Ms Rayner was seen hiding under an umbrella as activists wearing ‘Tax inspector’ high-vis vests unveiled a giant banner reading: “Angela Rayner: Tax dodger?” the paper reported.

The Express did not reveal who the protesters, three of whom could be seen wearing caps, glasses and a hood were, or which campaign they represented. Nor too did other reports in outlets including the Spectator, GB News, or Guido Fawkes.

However, Byline Times has identified one of the protesters as local Conservative Councillor for Yarm, John Coulson.

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Coulson admitted to this paper to taking part in the protest, alongside other local Conservative councillors.

However, he denied organising the protest, which he said had been put together at short notice by “others” in the party

“Our local guys decided to make this protest”, Coulson said.

“It wasn’t organised by me. I was asked to get involved because I am very vocal, and I’m very active and because I believe in what we’re doing, I got involved”.

Coulson, who faced his own local controversy back in 2022 over allegations of posting misogynistic social media posts, said that he took part because he feels “very protective” of local Conservative MP Matt Vickers, who is projected to lose his seat in the House of Commons to Labour, according to a series of recent national opinion polls.

The protest follows a campaign by the Conservative party and supportive newspapers to raise questions about Angela Rayner’s historic tax affairs.

Rayner has strongly denied underpaying capital gains tax on the sale of a property ten years ago, which independent tax experts suggest would amount to around £1,500 if proven to have been underpaid.

The allegations first surfaced in a new book published by the former Conservative peer Lord Ashcroft, who previously faced controversy himself over his use of a non-dom tax status, which reportedly allowed him to legally avoid tens of millions of pounds in tax.

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