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It’s the Conservative Party Which Most ‘Undermines British Values’, Say Voters

As ministers target ‘extreme’ groups for ‘undermining British values’, a new poll suggests it’s the Government which is most out of step with Britain

Michael Gove and Rishi Sunak. Photomontage: PA Images / Alamy

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A majority of British voters now believe that it’s the Conservative Party which truly doesn’t understand British values, an exclusive new poll commissioned by Byline Times suggests.

Rishi Sunak’s Government this week set out its new definition of “extremism” with new restrictions to be placed on individuals and organisations it perceives to be “undermining British values”.

However, new polling conducted this week by pollsters We Think for this paper found that 61% of those surveyed do not believe the Conservative Party “understands British values”, with a further 58% saying the same of Prime Minister Rishi Sunak.

By contrast, a majority of those surveyed said that the Labour Party (57%) and its leader Keir Starmer (56%) do in fact understand British values.

Those surveyed were also presented with a list of 21 organisations, political parties, companies and individuals, including the Muslim Council of Britain and Britain First and asked to select all those they believed to be “undermining British values”.

Among the options offered, the Conservative Party was the most picked, with 31% saying the party undermines British values, followed by 29% who picked ‘the Government’. 

The third most picked organisation was the Muslim Council of Britain, which was selected by 23% of those surveyed.

Byline Times exclusively revealed his week that the MCB, which represents mosques and Islamic organisations around the UK, had been removed from Michael Gove’s draft list of “extremist” groups amid legal fears among officials.

The list of those set to be targeted by ministers was leaked to this paper on the eve of Gove’s statement to Parliament. 

It prompted a formal Government leak inquiry, with Gove telling MPs that such leaks were “fundamentally a challenge to the effective operation of government”.

Michael Gove: The Extremist

Whether laughing at racism, or associating with the promoters of eugenics and anti-Muslim think tanks, the Communities Secretary is indicted by his own definition

Voters Want Conservatives to Hand Back Hester Cash

Voters were also asked what they think about the Conservative party’s continued refusal to hand back the £15 million they have received in donations from the businessman Frank Hester.

The Guardian revealed this week that Hester had called for the MP Diane Abbott to be shot, as she made him “want to hate all black women”.

Sunak’s Government initially defended Hester, before eventually admitting that his comments had been “racist and wrong”.

However, despite admitting this, the party is still refusing to hand back the money received from Hester, with the Prime Minister telling MPs he was proud to have received donations from him.

This refusal to return the money puts the party firmly out of step with the British public, according to our poll, which found that 63% of those surveyed believe the party should return the money.

The Hester case has also helped to highlight the broader issue of party funding. Hester made the donations to the Conservatives after having received tens of millions of pounds in Government contracts, via his company TPP.

Asked where those who donate to political parties should be banned from receiving Government contracts, 70% of those surveyed agreed, compared to just 30% who disagreed.

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