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Senior Female Asian Metropolitan Police Staffer Quits Over Force Racism Following Boycott Call

A Muslim Met staffer resigned saying her complaints about racism, misogyny and sexual assault allegedly committed by her colleagues had been systematically ignored

Photo: Amina Ahmed

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The Metropolitan Police has seen a senior female Asian staff member resign citing an “environment [of] discrimination” which had given her “depression and anxiety” and made the force “impossible” to work in, Byline Times can reveal.

The Met Police is under the spotlight for its failure to tackle the ‘institutional racism’ highlighted in last year’s Casey Report, which found Black officers were 81% more likely to be subject to misconduct proceedings than White colleagues.

Now Amina Ahmed, a Muslim leadership program facilitator and project manager at The Met who has spent 14 years working in intelligence, counter-terrorism and diversity and inclusion, has quit her job saying the “discrimination” she faced had “significantly hindered both my career growth and overall wellbeing”.

Ms Ahmed claimed serious complaints she had made to her managers concerning racism, misogyny, discrimination, bullying, harassment, and sexual assault by male colleagues had all been ignored.

She added her resignation was in solidarity with a call on Monday by the National Black Police Association (NBPA) for ethnic minorities to boycott joining the Met.

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Damning Resignation Letter

Ahmed said: “I feel compelled to step down from my role as a leadership facilitator at the Metropolitan Police Service. 

“Throughout my tenure at the Metropolitan Police, I have faced discrimination that has significantly hindered both my career growth and overall wellbeing.

“I believe that all individuals are entitled to equal treatment and respect. Nevertheless, operating in an environment that condones discrimination flies in the face of these values.

“Although I cherish the opportunities bestowed upon me, the situation of discrimination within the organisation has made me resign unwillingly.”

She added: “In solidarity with my colleagues at the Metropolitan Police Service… who have suffered discrimination and victimisation for speaking out, I fully support the [National] Black Police Association’s call to boycott ethnic minorities joining the organisation in the pursuit of genuine progress and change. 


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“I express my unwavering support for my fellow brothers and sisters within the Metropolitan Police family who are fighting for equity, fairness and cultural tolerance, despite facing considerable challenges and repercussions from doing so. 

“My thoughts and prayers are with them as they relentlessly and courageously pursue these important values.”

In her resignation letter, which she addressed to Met Commissioner Sir Mark Rowley, Ahmed said she had raised a number of complaints and concerns about racism over the years through “legitimate channels”, but had been ignored.

They included witnessing police officers “complaining about immigrants and their displeasure that London is too diverse”. 

Ahmed also disclosed to her seniors how an officer had said a Muslim asylum seeker dying “deserved it”. She also reported hearing numerous male officers “joke about rape victims and bragging about their previous sexual conquests”. 

Ahmed also claimed she had witnessed an officer respond to a news report of an IDF soldier kicking innocent civilians praying in a mosque with, “we should do that here in the UK”.


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Litany of Complaints

Ahmed says her contribution towards the Met’s ‘Race Action Plan’ led to her to make “serious” disclosures concerning racism, misogyny, discrimination, bullying, harassment, and sexual assault occurring in the force.

They included how one female colleague had been invited to intimate sex parties by senior male colleagues whilst working in London’s Counter Terrorism Policing. 

She also alleged that colleagues who were members of ‘Freemasons Lodge’ never faced any repercussions and “policy allowed them to evade such consequences”. But Ahmed says all of her concerns were “dismissed”.

And, instead of acting on her complaints, she claims to have been “ostracised by senior colleagues, no longer invited to key meetings, removed from social groups, and even blocked from developmental opportunities”. 

She says she passed a promotional interview in March 2023, yet was never promoted. Then, last November, Ahmed was herself investigated by the Met after she wrote on LinkedIn about the “war in Gaza”, saying support for Israel should be a “hate crime”.

This, she claims, was deliberately leaked to the media, and was reported by MailOnline. Ahmed said the “continuous victimisation and detriments [she] was suffering and the lack of any redress, [led her] mental and physical health” to deteriorate.

All of which, she added, made it impossible for her to continue in her role.

In a post on LinkedIn, Ahmed wrote: “Despite raising my complaints through legitimate channels, no action has been taken to resolve the issue, making it impossible to continue working.


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“I acknowledge that this decision is not without deep and thorough reflection. I have always aimed to contribute positively to the advancement of The Metropolitan Police Service while also cherishing the relationships I have formed with my colleagues. 

“However, my circumstances have been untenable, leaving me with no alternative but to seek another opportunity elsewhere.”

Regarding the articles by the Mail “and other right-wing tabloids”, she continued: “I would like to emphasise that my intentions while responding to a post discussing the Gaza casualties were solely of a humanitarian nature, not political. 

“I condemn violence, hate, and terrorism directed towards any community. I have unequivocally condemned violent acts perpetrated against Jews and Muslims while also advocating for unity among all ethnicities. 

“Hate has no religion, culture, creed, or class, but rather manifests itself in individuals who feel entitled to impose their will on others.”

Boycott Call

Ahmed’s decision comes after the NBPA called on Monday for People of Colour not to join the force, as he felt his organisation could not ensure they would not face discrimination. 

NBPA president Andy George wrote to Rowley, citing the treatment of the Met Black Police Association [MBPA] Chairman Charles Ehikioya, who the NBPA claim is facing racial discrimination in the form of an unfounded disciplinary action, after he spoke out against police racism.

Mr George said: “The letter and press release I sent out on Monday was not just about the Met Black Police Association Chair. There are many people suffering discrimination and disproportionate targeting within [the] Metropolitan Police.

“When people raise complaints about discrimination, they are often met with disbelief from white managers who turn the complaint around and make the victim the perpetrator. 

“I have had numerous people come forward since the press report wanting their stories told and we are sad but not surprised to read [Amira Ahmed].

“Things need to change and the [Met] Commissioner [Mark Rowley] must listen and act. These issues are most acute in Metropolitan Police but are present in other forces across the UK. 

“Something must be done and it is sad the Police Race Action Plan has made little change and is getting closed down in March 2025 when there is so much to be done.”

The Metropolitan Police has been approached for comment and we will update this article when they respond.

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