Meet the person behind one of UK Twitter’s fastest-growing current affairs accounts

A popular politics platform that labels itself as “strictly impartial” is run by a Conservative Party supporter and Brexit advocate, Byline Times can reveal.

‘Politics For All’ is a rolling news platform predominantly based on Twitter that has grown rapidly in recent months. Its more than 100,000 followers are provided with snippets of current affairs news, extracted from the reports of other media outlets – racking up thousands of retweets every day.

In the past couple of days, it appears as though Politics For All – which seems to periodically delete its tweets – has also created a new spin-off account, for topics not just related to politics, called ‘News For All’. Both accounts follow a similar format.

The person behind the account has hitherto been unknown. However, Byline Times has discovered that the platform is operated by Nick Moar, an 18-year-old student who has in the past been a vocal supporter of Brexit and the Conservative Party.

A short-lived crowdfunding campaign disclosed that Politics For All was run by an “18-year-old uni student,” and an acquaintance of Moar’s has confirmed to Byline Times that he runs the account.

In one now-deleted tweet from December 2020, retrieved by the Wayback Machine, an internet archive, Moar tweeted joyfully that Britain would be leaving the EU without a deal in “less than a month”. The UK of course did sign threadbare withdrawal and trade deals with the EU, though only at the last minute.

The identity of this Twitter page has since been changed to the username ‘OldAccount313’, and the photo to an image of Moar’s hometown.

In another tweet, posted during the run-up to the 2019 General Election, Moar suggested that Jeremy Corbyn’s interview with former BBC presenter Andrew Neil was equivalent to Prince Andrew’s infamous car-crash interview with Emily Maitlis, during which the Prince discussed his relationship with convicted sex offender Jeffrey Epstein. Politics For All was tagged in Moar’s tweet.

Just a few days earlier, Moar had tweeted effusive praise of former Scottish Conservative Leader Ruth Davidson – saying that, “If we are to adapt to become a party of the working people, she needs to be a major player in that.”

“We” in this case refers to the Conservative Party – suggesting that Moar is a supporter of the party, or at the very least was in late 2019.

There is no suggestion that Moar has been deceiving his followers – there are many, legitimate privacy reasons that could explain why he has not disclosed his identity. It is also entirely possible for a party supporter to act impartially despite having personal political beliefs. However, for obvious reasons, it does make it less likely.

Given the size of the Politics For All platform, and the fact it is regularly shared and promoted by prominent figures on social media, it is evidently in the public’s interest to now know who runs the account.

Moar has since been appointed as a social media editor at The Spectator – the right-wing magazine formerly edited by Boris Johnson.

Nick Moar did not respond to Byline Times’ multiple requests for comment.

Politics For All has now been suspended from Twitter. Read our analysis on why this is significant.


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