Thu 24 September 2020

A new Byline Times event scrutinises the Government’s handling of the Coronavirus crisis and how the UK could still change course.

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Byline Times is pleased to present a new event featuring investigative journalists in discussion with top public health experts and social scientists.

Why is the UK facing one of the highest Coronavirus death rates in the world? Are governments really being ‘led by the science’? How has New Zealand avoided such an outcome? And what are the stark lessons going forward?

Our panel – consisting of investigative journalist Dr Nafeez Ahmed; former director of maternal and child health at the World Health Organisation, Professor Anthony Costello; Professor Michael Baker, an epidemiologist at University of Otago; Rupert Read, Associate Professor of Philosophy at University of East Anglia; and former Al Jazeera journalist Anita McNaught – will explore these questions to help throw light on whether there is a way out of this unprecedented crisis and perhaps one that could make this a better world? 


Production by Sheridan Flynn

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