Mon 28 September 2020

Poet Salena Godden with a personal reflection ahead of tomorrow’s General Election.

We have a full moon for the election. 

This will be the Cold Moon or Long Night Moon. If there were more wombs in the rooms people might have picked up on this and how the moon cycle could effect tide and votes. Wow. It is almost as if men ruled by money decide everything and are oblivious to the rest of the population of planet earth who are in tune with nature and ruled by the moon. Never underestimate the power of December’s full moon and all those of us that feel a surge this week. 

Bring on the RED wave.

It occurs to me that all over the country millions of people who get their period on the full moon will have raging PMT right here and right now. I wish we could harness that PMT rage and fury, like wind turbines, but rage and fury turbines. Almost everyone I know is in tune with the moon, their monthly cycle is like clockwork, timed with the lunar cycle and the oceans. 

All I am saying is: the billionaire Tories picked a really bad day to test our patience further.

On the 12th of December as the full moon rises – on the 12th hour of the 12th day on the 12th month – I envision a big red wave for this General Election. Metaphorically, spiritually and literally. We must attune to nature and unite and rise like the moon, rise like the tides and sea. 

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We must vote the Tories out. 

Please use your power, your voice and your vote to get rid of the people that enforced period poverty for so long. Let’s kick out the people that hurt women’s rights and women’s choices and women’s autonomy. Let’s kick out the people that continually hurt all marginalised people, the people that ignored the tragedies of Grenfell and Windrush and Yarls Wood. The politicians that were too scared to meet Greta Thunberg and listen to the valid concerns of the next generation. It makes no sense to vote for the Tories after nine years of the Tories.

Please use this blood and fury; this coming solstice; all your moon juice energy to send power and light to the people with a soul intention to help others and empower the poor, the sick and the vulnerable.

Winter is here. 

It will be a brutal winter for so many because climate change is here; because science is fact; because floods; because austerity is real; because people are dying sleeping rough in doorways; because the use of food banks is at an all-time high and they need our donations; because we can all do better and be better; because we ALL need the NHS and our hospitals and fire stations and libraries now more than ever; because this is IT, this is the turning tide and change is here and time is now.

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