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The Vote Leave Wrongdoers are Now in Power and Britain is Under Threat Like Never Before

BeLeave whistleblower Shahmir Sanni named various individuals involved in electoral wrongdoing during the 2016 EU Referendum – now they’re in power.

Last March, in interviews with the Electoral Commission and the police, BeLeave whistleblower Shahmir Sanni named various individuals involved in electoral wrongdoing during the 2016 EU Referendum – now they’re in power.

26 March 2018. This was the first – and apparently last – opportunity Britain had to stop these people in their tracks.

26 March 2018 was a confirmation of how far these fanatics were willing to go in perverting the course of our democracy – that they would never stop, no matter the consequences, no matter the amount of laws that needed to be broken.

26 March 2018 was an opportunity for Britain to take back control of its failing democratic system and reinstate a new and improved order that would protect the rule of law and hold the perpetrators of democracy’s perversion to account.

But the cogs in this system are strong and – almost – impenetrable. When I first came forward through Carole Cadwalladr with the revelations that implicated individuals such as Dominic Cummings, Boris Johnson, Michael Gove, Stephen Parkinson, Rob Oxley, Priti Patel and the dozen others involved in the running of the Vote Leave campaign, I made one thing absolutely clear: that if these people were willing to break the law by manipulating and grooming two young volunteers to carry out their bidding, they would be willing to manipulate and groom an entire country to fall for their lies.

I made it clear that, if action and public outcry didn’t stop them now, the path we were going down would lead to the very desecration of our democracy. I made clear that “democracy will be destroyed” if Cummings and his cult were not stopped in one of many radio interviews I did with foreign press. 

Andrew Neil referred to my story as hearsay. Within the corridors of the BBC, Andrew Marr referred to my revelations as a lovers’ spat. The BBC press office made me out to be a liar while, at the same time, Laura Kuenssberg and the BBC coordinated an entire prime time show with Matthew Elliot, the former chief executive of Vote Leave, to talk about how the Electoral Commission was biased,and how I was a liar.

I was silenced, Carole was humiliated, and all of us involved in this campaign for truth were mocked by politicians across the benches. Yes, many politicians stood up and spoke up for us, and for them I am extremely grateful. But, the response to Johnson’s proroguing of Parliament has made one thing very clear: that the severity of the Vote Leave crimes did not permeate the public consciousness in the way that the prorogation has. That’s okay. Better now than never. But things have gone too far, and the people that I named are sitting – yet again – in Downing Street. And the only reason a public outcry did not stop them from entering office was because the media and the archaic social circles of Westminster made sure that my revelations were silenced, kept quiet, shut down.

So, who is sitting in Downing Street? Who are they? Why is the state-funded broadcaster so adamant on not revealing their dirty past? Why are lobbying groups that have facilitated campaigns against democracy still being platformed? How did we get to this point? 

I’ve heard the conversations these people have about ridding this country of the NHS, letting the poor starve and returning to a world that only benefits the rich.

These are a few of the many questions all of us have. But the important point now is that the public must understand that these people are not driven just by Brexit, but by a perverted ideology that is rooted in the dissemination and propagation of lies and mistruth.

They will hide behind libertarianism or conservatism, but the truth is they are solely driven by key performance indicators and popularity drives. They just want to be noticed, to hold power and to be able to end their political careers with enough media appearances to soothe their egos.

It is a game of chess for these people, and politics in this country has always been a white man’s game of back and forth gerrymandering and vilification. And underneath them, there is a network of groups with millionaire donors that pay for reports and research papers that are spread throughout the political sphere to be presented as factual and sometimes front-page news. 

To understand how we got to this point, the British public needs to be made aware that this has been brewing for quite some time. That breaking electoral law during the referendum was them testing the waters, seeing how far they could get. Politicians and the media proved to them that they could get as far as Downing Street.

Brexit was an opportunity for charlatans and ideologues to achieve their dream of a Britain that resembled America. A seemingly libertarian dream where everything was privatised, owned by the market. Where any semblance of justice and equality was driven by the market and the market alone.

I’ve heard the conversations these people have and they are conversations about ridding this country of the NHS, letting the poor starve and returning to a world that only benefits the rich. Yes, it is clichéd, but these people have encapsulated themselves in a bubble that reaffirms these values and makes them think that this is the only way. They are blinded by ideology and this is why they sincerely believe that what they are doing is right.

The only way to stop them is to be unapologetic in our fight against them. But, there are those of us who are on the side of law and democracy and those who are not.

Whose side are you on?

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