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Currently, the majority of activist events have been cancelled, and rightly so. As such we will be posting guides to help everyone through this crisis – and we will be collating great videos to keep us all entertained and informed during lockdowns and self-isolation.
That will be coming by Thursday at the latest, until then we want to leave you with a post by our editor which links to a great resource on mutual aid groups around the UK.

“Medically, I am not convinced the government response is the right one, but I don’t think they are doing it maliciously, I think they’re genuinely just listening to experts that are out of step with most of the world.
Where I do think they’re callous, malicious and a danger to society is where they have always been these things.In providing health care, sick pay, cover for work, child support, care for the elderly, homeless and disabled.
In supporting a system of work that means we have to go and work at places for 8 hours where really we could stay at home and work for 3. In stripping our public service systems to shreds for private profit and giving corporations bail outs and financial support and screwing over the rest of us to pay for it.In making us believe there is no such thing as society and that we have to fend for ourselves.
On that last point here is a list of mutual aid societies springing up. Fuck the government. Help each other.

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