Sun 9 August 2020

Now seems like a good time to launch a new newspaper – but not for the reasons many expect.

Brexit hasn’t just exposed the weakness of our political system, but also the lack of effective journalism to hold it to account. The best example of this is the glaring lack of action over, or even acknowledgement by the Government and most of the press of, the democratic interference in the EU Referendum through social media, illegal spending and foreign influence.

Byline Times does not intend to report the daily news cycle. That’s for others. Our aim is to concentrate on ‘what the papers don’t say’.

The heart of our paper will be investigations. We will follow the story wherever it goes, without fear or favour. No PR company, advertiser or press baron can influence the stories we choose. Our integrity will come from our editorial independence.

But we are not neutral. Accurate information is the lifeblood of a democracy and, while everyone is welcome to their own opinions, you cannot have your own facts. So the Byline Times makes a clear separation between fact and argument, reporting and comment. Freedom of speech does not mean a license to deceive. And we are partisan about one thing – the truth.

Accuracy also requires us to report our country more fairly. We think many communities and regions are misrepresented in the media because they are under-represented. We hope to give a voice to those not provided a platform elsewhere and to present a better picture of modern Britain.

Get in touch with us if you have a story you think we should be investigating, an angle which we haven’t covered, or journalism you would like to contribute.

We hope you find Byline Times informative and compelling – and that we can provide you with the important news you can’t find elsewhere.

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