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Tory Benefit Cap Condemned as Wasteful, Unproductive and ‘Cruel’ by Parliament

As Brexit continues to dominate all of British political life, what about the families up and down the country going hungry, cold and getting further in debt because of the benefit cap?

In the chaos of Brexit, as Theresa May’s Government teeters on collapse, the pointless suffering incurred by austerity is being ignored.

The “human cost” of the Government’s benefit cap was slammed today by a committee of MPs who found the policy had not achieved any of its aims and had instead created hardship for already vulnerable people.

A report published by Parliament’s work and pensions committee said: “We are hearing harrowing stories from all over the country of people going hungry, parents struggling to feed their children, families shivering in their homes because they can’t afford heating, and tenants building up crippling rent arrears.”

The majority of those affected by the cap – 82% – are trapped as the Government itself has assessed these people as not required to find work because they are unwell or disabled.

The committee’s chair, MP Frank Field, said “it would be difficult to think of a more cruel cut”.

But, what is the benefit cap? Why was it introduced? And what has the reality been for households up and down the country? Here are the key facts.

What is the Benefit Cap?

Has the Benefit Cap Worked? No.

The report concluded: “It is now time for a full audit of this policy… The Government must look carefully at both the financial and the human costs of the cap in its current form, and weigh these in the balance. If it is found wanting, the Government must commit to radical change—and quickly.”

With Brexit continuing to dominate all of British political life, who will stand up and take notice of the continuing, unnecessary suffering inflicted on tens of thousands of families across the country?


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