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Mueller Looks to London – How Roger Stone’s Arrest by the FBI spells Trouble for Nigel Farage and Brexit

The arrest of Trump’s long time political advisor for his contact with Wikileaks and Russian hacking of the Democratic Party has two key leads to the UK and Brexit

Mueller Looks to LondonHow Roger Stone’s Arrest by the FBI spells Trouble for Nigel Farage and Brexit

The arrest of Trump’s long-time political advisor for his contact with Wikileaks and Russian hacking of the Democratic Party has two key leads to the UK and Brexit

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After a dawn raid on his house in Florida on Friday morning, Trump advisor and veteran campaigner Roger Stone was indicted on seven counts including obstructing justice, false statements and witness tampering over his contact with ‘Organisation 1’ – Wikileaks, which helped to distribute documents hacked by Russian military intelligence during the 2016 presidential campaign.

The main reason London figures in this indictment is the constant stream of communications attempted between Stone and Julian Assange, resident in the Ecuadorian Embassy. Two go-betweens are described as intermediaries between Stone and Assange:

On or about September 30, 2016, Person 2 sent STONE via text message a photograph of Person 2 standing outside the Ecuadorian Embassy in London where the head of Organization 1 was located.

Person 2 is Randy Credico, the New York-based radio host.

Radio Host Randy Credico outside the Ecuadorian Embassy

Also referred to is a UK-based ‘associate’ in the communications between Stone and another go-between – Person 1.

On or about July 25, 2016, STONE sent an email to Person 1 with the subject line, “Get to [the head of Organization 1].” The body of the message read, “Get to [the head of Organization 1] [a]t Ecuadorian Embassy in London and get the pending [Organization 1] emails . . . they deal with Foundation, allegedly.” On or about the same day, Person 1 forwarded STONE’s email to an associate who lived in the United Kingdom and was a supporter of the Trump Campaign.

Person 1 is Jerome Corsi, a correspondent for Alex Jones’ Infowars, and the author of the definitive book on the ‘Birther’ conspiracy (that falsely alleges Barack Obama is a foreign citizen), which helped launch Donald Trump’s bid for the presidency in 2014.

His UK-based associate was Ted Malloch. In an email obtained by ABC, Stone wrote to Corsi on July 31 2016 – only nine days after the first batch of hacked documents were released – “Malloch should see Assange”.

Ted Malloch and Nigel Farage

A US academic and author based in the UK, Ted Malloch was detained by the FBI in March 2018 at Boston airport and subpoenaed by Robert Mueller, the Special Counsel appointed to investigate Russian interference in the US presidental elections and possible collusion from the Trump campaign. Malloch had previously been named in congressional testimony as a key associate of Trump’s campaign manager, Steve Bannon, and Roger Stone:

MR. SIMPSON: And so, you know, some of it so there’s it really isn’t, I don’t think, that Cambridge is the nucleus. I think that it’s there’s some Bannon connections. I know there’s and there’s some other Bannon Stone associates, a guy named Theodore Roosevelt Malloch, who was is an American who was living over there and associating with UKIP and, I believe, is a significant figure in this.

Ted Malloch and Nigel Farage celebrating the inauguration of Donald Trump in Washington

A long time associate of Farage, Malloch claimed to have helped “bring down the Soviet Union” and was tipped to be the US Ambassador to the European Union.

Nigel Farage and Roger Stone

Nigel Farage’s connections to the Trump campaign and possible collusion with Russian hackers do not end with Malloch.

He has been named as a ‘person of interest’ to the FBI. He was caught visiting Julian Assange. His Leave.EU campaign lied about its many connections with the Russian Embassy inLondon, and even passed onto them confidential FBI documents after Farage’s aide George Cottrell was arrested in the US.

More significantly, Farage also met with Roger Stone during that crucial period when the alleged conspiracy to contact Wikileaks over hacked emails was in full force in the summer of 2016.

According to Observer journalist Carole Cadwalladr, Farage had a secret dinner with Roger Stone and Alex Jones during the Republican National Party Convention in Cleveland in July 2016. A member of the film crew who witnessed the meeting told Cadwalladr:

“It was the first time that Alex Jones, Roger Stone and Nigel Farage met face to face… What was so noticeable was how Alex Jones was so pumped up afterwards about the leaks that were coming. He was saying it openly on his show. And then days later, the DNC leaks dropped [on July 22] and blew apart the Democratic National Convention.”

(Carole explains the event in detail in discussion with Byline Times’ co-editor Peter Jukes in an episode of the Dial M for Mueller podcast.)

Nigel Farage has previously denied being a person of interest to the FBI and has not yet responded to requests to comment on the latest news about Roger Stone and Ted Malloch.

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