Fri 19 April 2019

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BREAKING Paying the Polluter: UK feels the Heat on £17bn aid to Fossil Fuel Giants

, 19 April 2019
As hundreds of green protestors are arrested in London, NGOs sound the alarm over the UK’s empty promises
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UPDATE Europe Votes to Protect Whistle-blowers – but will the UK Play Ball Beyond Brexit?

, 18 April 2019
MEPs have backed "Daphne's Law" amid concerns over the treatment of citizens and journalists who expose corruption and malpractice in the public interest. But key exemptions remain in place.
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Trump’s Political Space Race

, 17 April 2019
Lindsay McKenzie reports from Washington on how NASA is being pressured by the President to work to his short-term political timescale
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How Farage’s Campaign Colluded with Putin to Weaponise Hate and Islamophobia

, 17 April 2019
Following Channel 4's revelations that Nigel Farage's Leave EU campaign faked inflammatory photos of sexual attacks and staged videos about migrants, Byline Times has evidence of more racist propaganda sourced from the Kremlin.
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