Fri 5 June 2020

Slough, West London, 16 April 2019

No-one ever enters a gang thinking they will go out there to rob, kill and threaten people. Rather it’s for fun, and possibly the respect that comes with people fearing you.

These are the kids who get told they don’t live up to social expectations. They don’t find acceptance where they are, so they look for it in a gang.

The biggest fault in the system currently lies within excluding students. You have taken away not only their right to a education but also their future. These teenagers will end up on the streets trying to make money. This isn’t only a fight of law versus crime but society versus outcasts.

Its high time, we start diverting our attention to the root of the problem. Knife crime is a case of prevention more then punishment. We can still help by creating job opportunities. Our system has failed for years and will continue to fail for as long as the roots still exist.

Vaania Faisal