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War in Ukraine

The Church of Putin

, 8 April 2022
Reverend Joe Howard explores how the Russian President has won support from US evangelicals and his playbook matches that of the European far-right

The Bosnian Precedent: Anticipating Russia’s Crimes Against Humanity in Ukraine

, 7 April 2022
Jasmin Mujanovic argues that Vladimir Putin’s imperial plan follows the genocidal path set out by Serbian leader Slobodan Milosevic, and will be accompanied by the same strategy of disinformation and denial

Russian Oligarch Behind Global Anti-Rights Campaign Indicted

, 7 April 2022
Sian Norris and Heidi Seigmund Cuda report on the US Government’s seizure of millions of dollars connected to the ‘brainy don’ Konstantin Malofeyev

‘De-Nazification’ and Putin’s Disinformation War

, 5 April 2022
Using an example of local vigilante violence in Ukraine and its exploitation by Putin’s propaganda machine, Max Colbert explores Russian disinformation techniques

‘There Is No Way to Switch the War Off’: The Real Price of Ukraine’s Information Victory

, 4 April 2022
Oleksiy Pluzhnyk shares his insights on the incessant media chaos all Ukrainians are going through

‘Trapped in a Cocoon of my Own Grief’: Putin’s Promise of ‘Liberation’ Brings Terror to Donbas

, 4 April 2022
Tom Mutch reports on the plight of Ukrainian families that remain trapped in Russian-controlled enclaves

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