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War in Ukraine

EXCLUSIVE 28 Days: 28 Pictures - Documenting the War in Ukraine

, 25 March 2022
Tom Mutch has spent the first month of Russia’s war against Ukraine depicting the lives of ordinary people facing Vladimir Putin's onslaught, and it is a portrait of both horror and hope

Rishi Sunak’s Russian Hypocrisy Shows Who he is Really Protecting

, 25 March 2022
The Chancellor told UK firms to cut ties with Russia – while his own family has kept hundreds of millions of pounds of shares in a company still operating in Moscow

‘There is no Mariupol. I Don’t Even Know How to Express this with Words’

, 25 March 2022
Chris York speaks to mothers and children who have fled Russia's invasion of Ukraine and arrived in Poland

Welcome to the New Global Arms Race

, 25 March 2022
CJ Werleman assesses the West's response to Russia and China's aggression and what this means for future global security

Putin’s Unjust War and the Enabling of Monsters

, 25 March 2022
Otto English explores the Russian President's warped justifications for the invasion of Ukraine that should terrify us all

EXCLUSIVE ‘Profiting from Putin’s Russia’: Quarter of Council Pension Funds Invested in Russian Firms

, 25 March 2022
Sascha Lavin reviews the extent to which UK councils have propped up the companies linked to Putin’s war effort

EXCLUSIVE Russian-Led Attacks More Deadly for Civilians

, 24 March 2022
Although US forces have killed more civilians in conflicts over the past decade, Russian-led attacks using explosive violence are more lethal per incident to civilians, Sian Norris reports

Will Voters Back Putin's Parties in Europe?

, 23 March 2022
In the coming weeks, France and Hungary will cast their votes for either far-right, pro-Putin candidates or the opposition. Will the elections create the Europe the Kremlin wants to see?

EXCLUSIVE ‘Violent’ Climate Activists Next Global Threat, says Lobbying Group Funded by Russia and Big Oil

, 23 March 2022
What do NATO and Putin have in common? A mortal fear of climate protestors rooted in their systemic fossil fuel addiction, reports Nafeez Ahmed

Russia’s Long War and a Pivotal Moment in History

, 22 March 2022
Canadian diplomat and politician Christopher Alexander argues that Putin is still fighting the wars of the 20th Century, and reversing his invasion of Ukraine could finally put those ghosts to rest

Looting the Land: Is Ukraine’s Black Earth a Reason for Putin’s Invasion?

, 22 March 2022
Now sabotaging Russian tanks, Ukraine’s rich soil may be the prize that Putin seeks from his violence, write Dimitris Dimitriadis and Iain Overton

How Russia’s Disinformation Apparatus Ran Aground in Ukraine

, 22 March 2022
Idrees Ahmad shows how the propaganda weapons the Kremlin tried out in Syria are missing their targets in the current war, but urges vigilance to new ones

War in Ukraine Highlights the Need for a Radical Welcome for All Refugees

, 21 March 2022
Responses from UK and Polish Governments to Europe's refugee crisis differ in their impact and yet come from the same old book of divide and conquer say POMOC’s Krzysia Balinska and Grupa Granica’s Monika Matus

What Does ‘De-Nazification’ Mean to Russians?

, 21 March 2022
The rhetoric around Russia’s invasion of Ukraine serves to construct the other side as evil, helping to justify military aggression and human suffering, argue Dr Maren Rohe and Professor Sara Jones

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