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War in Ukraine

The First Great Information War: Ukraine and Civic Resistance on the 21st Century Battlefield

, 18 March 2022
From Russia’s annexation of Crimea in 2014 to the full scale invasion of Ukraine eight years later, Dr Jennifer Cassidy explains the impact and implications of the fifth battlespace of information

EXCLUSIVE Human Rights Problem Countries Receive Two-Thirds of UK Military Export Licenses Since 2010

, 18 March 2022
Sam Bright digs into the data to reveal the billions of pounds of lethal equipment sold by the UK to questionable regimes

‘Pink-Eyed Terminators’: Successive Conservative Governments Have Ignored Official Warnings About the Growing Threat of Nuclear War

, 17 March 2022
TJ Coles reviews the ways in which Russian nuclear escalation has been mapped by experts

Putin’s Willing Disinformation Agents

, 17 March 2022
When it comes to war in Ukraine, Putin has found left and right-wing figures willing to spread his propaganda, as Dr David Grimes explains

Aid Cuts Bite Back: Crisis in Ukraine Risks Fuelling Humanitarian Crises Around the World

, 17 March 2022
Aid organisations are warning that a perfect storm of UK aid cuts, war in Ukraine, rising wheat costs and existing famines risks death and suffering worldwide, as Sian Norris reports

‘We Have to Start Our Lives From A New Page’: The Young Women’s Dreams Being Destroyed By Putin’s War

, 16 March 2022
Between fear and the future, Chris York reports from Poland about how the Russian President has upended so many Ukrainian lives

Conflict and Complicity: 11,000 Civilian Casualties Caused by Saudi Coalition’s Use of Explosive Weapons in Yemen Since 2015

, 16 March 2022
New data shows the extent of the death toll that can be placed at Saudi Arabia’s door, as Boris Johnson seeks closer energy ties with the Gulf state

Ending the War is More Important Than Removing Putin

, 16 March 2022
The West may have to accept the Russian President crawling back to Moscow with his regime still alive, contends Mike Buckley

EXCLUSIVE Lebedev: The KGB Spy Who Helped Put Putin in the Kremlin

, 15 March 2022
John Sweeney digs deeper into the past of Alexander Lebedev, whose connections to the Russian President and the British Prime Minister are a source of major public concern

‘Genocide’ and Putin’s War of Destruction against Ukrainian Society 

, 14 March 2022
Professor Martin Shaw, author of two books on Genocide, explains how the synchronised attack on Ukraine's people, culture and institutions, is escalating beyond war crimes

From Russia With Lies

, 14 March 2022
Russia is waging a war of disinformation, propaganda and conspiracy – with willing messengers in the Russian public and on the British far-right, Sian Norris reports

In Sending Weapons to Ukraine, We Must Not Forget the Lessons of History

, 14 March 2022
Iain Overton provides a word of caution as the world exports tonnes of arms to the frontline of Putin’s war

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