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War in Ukraine

Month: 09
Year: 2022
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How Russia Feeds the Factory of Unthinking

, 29 September 2022
From Ukrainians being mainly Jewish to allegations of black magic, hypnotism and colonising Africa, Oleksiy Pluzhnyk explores the Kremlin's exploitation of the conspiratorial mindset

EXCLUSIVE Daily Mail Group Allowing Sanctioned Russian Data Collection Company to Access Sites

, 22 September 2022
Sites including the Daily Mail and Metro maintain the presence of RU Target, a data specialist advertising company owned by sanctioned Russian state-controlled bank, Sberbank

The Myth of Russian Separatists in the Donbas

, 21 September 2022
As Putin announces plans to annex more Ukrainian territory, Paul Niland exposes one of the most persistent Russian propaganda ploys which tries to turn victim into perpetrator

Armenia is Turning its Back on Russia

, 20 September 2022
The era of Russian dominance in the South Caucasus is coming to an end, reports Nikola Mikovic

Putin’s Real War and His War of Words

, 16 September 2022
Sian Norris considers Martha Gellhorn's classic 1966 examination of propaganda, Real War And War Of Words, and updates it for Putin's invasion of Ukraine

Near the Russian Border, a Ukrainian Hospital Under Bombardment

, 14 September 2022
Natalie Vikhrov reports from a village north of Kharkiv where doctors have stopped counting the number of times they have been shelled

‘People Feel Guilty’ – The Seven Emotions of Odesans At War

, 13 September 2022
Chris York samples the mood of Ukrainians in the Black Sea city after 200 days of war, and finds conflicting feelings of fear, suspicion, hope, sadness and defiance

Russia Rattled by a Cartoon Dog: Ukrainian Civilians and their Counter-Offensive

, 12 September 2022
Chris York explains how the NAFO phenomenon is just one example of the decentralised ingenuity of Ukraine's civil society against the centralised troll farms and bots of the Kremlin's hybrid warfare

Ukraine’s Counter Offensives: Is Putin Disconnected from Reality?

, 8 September 2022
As the Russian army is pushed back around Kharkiv and Kherson, Nicola Mikovic looks at why the Kremlin still holds to its narrative of a multi-polar world, with itself a major player

Surviving Six Months Under Bombs: Inside Ukraine’s Southern Fortress of Mykolaiv

, 2 September 2022
Tom Mutch reports from the frontline city of Mykolaiv, which avoided capture by the Russian Army and is now at the centre of a Ukrainian counter-offensive

Putin’s Nuclear Brinkmanship in Ukraine

, 2 September 2022
As the UN nuclear watchdog mission visits the Russian-occupied Ukrainian nuclear power plant, Byline Times speaks to locals and experts on the ground

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