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War in Ukraine

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Putin’s Gulag-Based Empire of Abduction, Deportation, and Modern Slavery

, 31 March 2022
Brad Blitz and Alexandra Lewis explain how Russia’s mass deportation of Ukrainians is not an accident, but central to the ‘Ru.Lag’ – the Kremlin’s new form of political and economic control

EXCLUSIVE Weak Oil: The Looming Collapse of Putin’s Petro Dictatorship

, 30 March 2022
The Kremlin needs a permanent state of hybrid warfare in Europe to stop a global energy system transformation that will unravel Russia’s oligarchic fossil fuel economy

Disinformation and Deceit: How Russia Attacked Western Democracy

, 30 March 2022
The disinformation tactics used by Russia since its invasion of Ukraine are familiar to anyone who observed them in Syria, the US election and Brexit reports Sian Norris

EXCLUSIVE Sanctioned Russian Firms Allowed to Flaunt Human Rights, Anti-Corruption Credentials by UN

, 30 March 2022
Have Kremlin-backed companies used the international peace system to launder their reputations? Dimitris Dimitriadis explores

Sunak’s Russia Spin Shows He’s No Different to Johnson

, 30 March 2022
The Chancellor is debasing public standards and ethics in exactly the same way as his boss, argues Rachel Morris

EXCLUSIVE Chancellor Rishi Sunak in New Financial Connection to Russia

, 29 March 2022
Sam Bright explores the links between a firm owned by Sunak’s wife and a Russian billionaire

Ukraine Changes Everything: The Collapse of Boris Johnson’s Brexit World Order

, 29 March 2022
Professor Chris Painter sees Putin’s invasion of his neighbour as a major turning point in history, with the values of multilateralism and an activist state set to break the spell of Johnsonian politics

Wheat Wars: How the Conflict in Ukraine is Afflicting North Africa

, 29 March 2022
Dimitris Dimitriadis and Iain Overton consider the ways in which violence in Ukraine may provoke social and economic unrest across the globe

‘Close to Useless in Every Way’: The Government is Pursuing Economic and Climate Disaster

, 28 March 2022
Thomas Perrett reviews Rishi Sunak’s Spring Statement and how it affects the UK’s climate change commitments

‘They Have their Own Version of the Truth. We Are Living Ours’: Sandbagging in Odessa

, 28 March 2022
Russian journalist Elena Kostyuchenko has vowed to be a 'professional witness' of the war in Ukraine. Here, she journeys through Odessa. Translated from Russian by Ilona Yazhbin Chavasse

EXCLUSIVE Chornobyl and Nuclear Terrorism

, 28 March 2022
Zarina Zabrisky speaks to an engineer at the Ukrainian nuclear plant about the risks posed by Russia’s invasion and control of the facility

EXCLUSIVE 28 Days: 28 Pictures - Documenting the War in Ukraine

, 25 March 2022
Tom Mutch has spent the first month of Russia’s war against Ukraine depicting the lives of ordinary people facing Vladimir Putin's onslaught, and it is a portrait of both horror and hope

Rishi Sunak’s Russian Hypocrisy Shows Who he is Really Protecting

, 25 March 2022
The Chancellor told UK firms to cut ties with Russia – while his own family has kept hundreds of millions of pounds of shares in a company still operating in Moscow

‘There is no Mariupol. I Don’t Even Know How to Express this with Words’

, 25 March 2022
Chris York speaks to mothers and children who have fled Russia's invasion of Ukraine and arrived in Poland

Welcome to the New Global Arms Race

, 25 March 2022
CJ Werleman assesses the West's response to Russia and China's aggression and what this means for future global security

Russia’s Long War and a Pivotal Moment in History

, 22 March 2022

Looting the Land: Is Ukraine’s Black Earth a Reason for Putin’s Invasion?

, 22 March 2022

War in Ukraine Highlights the Need for a Radical Welcome for All Refugees

, 21 March 2022

What Does ‘De-Nazification’ Mean to Russians?

, 21 March 2022

Putin’s Willing Disinformation Agents

, 17 March 2022

From Russia With Lies

, 14 March 2022
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