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War in Ukraine

Footage Suggests Black African Refugees Unable to Leave Ukraine

, 28 February 2022
Black African people living in Ukraine are apparently struggling to flee the country as Russia invades, exposing racist attitudes towards refugees across Europe

Coercion and Deterrence: Putin’s Irrational Nuclear Threats are a Risk to the Whole World

, 28 February 2022
The Russian President's threats to use nuclear force should be a wake-up call for the West, writes Dr Andrew Corbett

Putin's Gamble and the First Shots of a Revolution

, 28 February 2022
Paul Niland argues that the Russian President has doubled down on his gamble by invading Ukraine, with dire consequences for his undemocratic rule in Russia

Kleptocracy Versus Democracy: Vladimir Putin’s Biggest Fear

, 28 February 2022
Trump, Giuliani, Manafort and a host of Russian oligarchs have all felt threatened by Ukraine's efforts to tackle corruption and improve democratic accountability, reports Matt Bernardini

The Real Trojan Horse: Beware Russians Bearing Gifts

, 25 February 2022
As Russian troops reach Kyiv, state terror is rained on innocent civilians. Peter Jukes and Hardeep Matharu explore why the British Conservative Party has ignored Putin’s violent extremism in the mother of all intelligence failures 
Illustration of Russian President Vladimir Putin

EXCLUSIVE Only 30 Successful UK Asylum Applications Granted from Ukraine Since 2014

, 25 February 2022
As Putin's forces invade Ukraine, the UK Government is being urged to do more to help refugees – while the Nationality and Borders Bill risks making it harder for them to come to Britain

Conspiracy and Paranoia: Putin's Far-Right Cheerleaders

, 24 February 2022
The Russian President’s anti-NATO, anti-EU, anti-gender stance has won him support over Ukraine from far-right and populist-right actors

UK Sanctions Will ‘Flop’ Because the City of London is Compromised by Russian Money

, 24 February 2022
A former US defence advisor warns that Britain is likely to be the biggest drag on any Western sanctions initiative against Putin

Boris Johnson Allowed Russian Interference into the UK as Putin Prepared For War

, 24 February 2022
The Prime Minister has at best stood by as the Russian President sought to destabilise the West – and at worst facilitated him, reports Adam Bienkov

Putin’s War of Annihilation: A Decrepit Empire’s Last Stand

, 24 February 2022
Heidi Siegmund Cuda speaks to political scholar Michael MacKay on Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and how the West has failed to respond to its dictator for a number of years

Weaving a Nation Together: The Women Working to Protect Ukrainian Front Line Troops

, 23 February 2022
Chris York visits a church community on the Ukrainian homefront which makes especially ‘blessed’ camouflage netting for their ‘boys’ in the trenches

‘I Hope Europe Finally Realises’: How Putin’s ‘Horror’ Speech Went Down in Kyiv

, 22 February 2022
Chris York speaks to people on the streets of Kyiv after Vladimir Putin's rambling speech and the moving of more Russian troops into eastern Ukraine

Ukraine is a Warning Shot – This is About Us All

, 22 February 2022
Kyiv resident Paul Niland explains why the West must finally recognise the real cause of Russia's aggression – and take a firm and collective stand against Vladimir Putin

Ukraine Under Siege: ‘We’ve Been at War Here for Eight Years Already!’

, 18 February 2022
As Kremlin controlled media reports explosions in separatist-held regions of Ukraine, Tom Mutch reports from Mariupol, the port at the frontline of the country's conflict with Russia

Vladimir Putin Holds Up a Dark Mirror to Boris Johnson

, 18 February 2022
Though the British Government and the Kremlin appear to be in conflict, Peter Jukes and Hardeep Matharu trace the underlying currents of oligarchy that unite them.

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