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War in Ukraine

EXCLUSIVE Ukrainian Child Refugees in Limbo as Visa Applications Deferred

, 12 May 2022
Sasha has been waiting two months for his visa to come to the UK – but new rules say children travelling without their parents are only eligible under the Homes for Ukraine scheme if reuniting with a parent or legal guardian in the UK

EXCLUSIVE The Mail Order Bride Sites Exploiting War in Ukraine to Find Women

, 29 April 2022
In an exclusive undercover investigation, Sian Norris discovers how websites advertising mail order brides are using Russia's invasion of Ukraine to drum up business

‘This War Shows It’s Very Fragile to Rely On Force’: Meet Ukraine’s Human Rights Activists

, 27 April 2022
Sian Norris speaks to three campaigners fighting for a fairer, more equal Ukraine when the war ends

EXCLUSIVE Why is ‘Putin’s Rasputin’ Still on Facebook?

, 22 April 2022
A Byline Times investigation reveals that Aleksandr Dugin is still sharing conspiracy theories and disinformation with his thousands of followers

EXCLUSIVE Down Vladimir Putin’s Disinformation Rabbit Hole

, 22 April 2022
Steven Lacey speaks to Sian Norris about why he fell for pro-Putin disinformation – and how open conversation and debate helped him escape out of the rabbit hole

‘A Safeguarding Disaster Waiting to Happen’: How Holes in the ‘Homes for Ukraine’ Scheme are Putting Refugees in Danger

, 19 April 2022
Sian Norris reports on safeguarding fears and delays in the Homes for Ukraine scheme that are putting vulnerable lives at risk

Disinformation and Deceit: How Russia Attacked Western Democracy

, 30 March 2022
The disinformation tactics used by Russia since its invasion of Ukraine are familiar to anyone who observed them in Syria, the US election and Brexit reports Sian Norris

EXCLUSIVE Russian-Led Attacks More Deadly for Civilians

, 24 March 2022
Although US forces have killed more civilians in conflicts over the past decade, Russian-led attacks using explosive violence are more lethal per incident to civilians, Sian Norris reports

Will Voters Back Putin's Parties in Europe?

, 23 March 2022
In the coming weeks, France and Hungary will cast their votes for either far-right, pro-Putin candidates or the opposition. Will the elections create the Europe the Kremlin wants to see?

Aid Cuts Bite Back: Crisis in Ukraine Risks Fuelling Humanitarian Crises Around the World

, 17 March 2022
Aid organisations are warning that a perfect storm of UK aid cuts, war in Ukraine, rising wheat costs and existing famines risks death and suffering worldwide, as Sian Norris reports

From Russia With Lies

, 14 March 2022
Russia is waging a war of disinformation, propaganda and conspiracy – with willing messengers in the Russian public and on the British far-right, Sian Norris reports

Ukrainian Museum Director Arrested in Attack on Culture

, 11 March 2022
Byline Times talks to Susie Symes, Chair of the Museum of Immigration, about the arrest of Leyla Ibragimova and what it tells us about how authoritarian and repressive regimes attack culture and freedoms

EXCLUSIVE Russian Forces Have Targeted 12 Hospitals Since 2011

, 10 March 2022
Exclusive data from Action on Armed Violence shows the bombing of a maternity hospital in Mariupol was the 12th use of explosive violence against hospitals by Russian forces in Syria and Ukraine

UK's Record on Refugees Exposes the Lie of ‘World-Beating’ Claims

, 10 March 2022
While Prime Minister Boris Johnson was correct that UK has resettled more refugees than the rest of Europe, when it comes to asylum claims the stats and politics tell another story

The Culture War Funded by Russian Roubles

, 9 March 2022
The ‘War on Woke’ is a conflict between fascistic notions of the natural order against progressive values, and both Russian funding and disinformation networks have fuelled it

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