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War in Ukraine

Boris Johnson has Not Been a ‘Great War Leader’

, 4 May 2022
The claim that the Prime Minister has shown Churchillian solidarity with Ukraine does not stand up to scrutiny, says Sam Bright

EXCLUSIVE Chancellor Rishi Sunak in New Financial Connection to Russia

, 29 March 2022
Sam Bright explores the links between a firm owned by Sunak’s wife and a Russian billionaire

EXCLUSIVE Human Rights Problem Countries Receive Two-Thirds of UK Military Export Licenses Since 2010

, 18 March 2022
Sam Bright digs into the data to reveal the billions of pounds of lethal equipment sold by the UK to questionable regimes

How Levelling Up, Brexit and the Ukraine War are Intertwined

, 10 March 2022
Sam Bright explores how Brexit has exposed Britain to the reverberations of the war in Ukraine

EXCLUSIVE A Golden Ticket: 2,000 Oligarchs from Countries with Human Rights Concerns ‘Buy’ Permanent Right to Live in UK

, 9 March 2022
Between 2010 and 2020, 65% of the foreign investors granted permanent UK residency were from China and Russia, reports Sam Bright

EXCLUSIVE Wife of Arms Deal Broker Donates £300,000 to Conservatives

, 3 March 2022
The elite Conservative donor has now given more than £1.7 million to the party in recent years, reports Sam Bright

The Ukraine War Has Exposed the UK’s Russia Delusion

, 2 March 2022
Successive governments have chased Russian roubles while ignoring geopolitical reality, reports Sam Bright

EXCLUSIVE Stuck in Limbo: UK Asylum and Immigration System in Post-Brexit Turmoil

, 1 March 2022
The UK’s floundering border arrangements offer little solace to desperate Ukrainians fleeing war, reports Sam Bright

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