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War in Ukraine

EXCLUSIVE Putin’s War On Net Zero: Controlling ‘Europe’s Breadbasket’ to Prevent Russia’s Fossil Fuel Collapse

, 21 April 2022
Russian Government-backed scientific studies suggest that the war in Ukraine is the world’s first rear-guard military attack on the global climate movement, reports Nafeez Ahmed

EXCLUSIVE Weak Oil: The Looming Collapse of Putin’s Petro Dictatorship

, 30 March 2022
The Kremlin needs a permanent state of hybrid warfare in Europe to stop a global energy system transformation that will unravel Russia’s oligarchic fossil fuel economy

EXCLUSIVE ‘Violent’ Climate Activists Next Global Threat, says Lobbying Group Funded by Russia and Big Oil

, 23 March 2022
What do NATO and Putin have in common? A mortal fear of climate protestors rooted in their systemic fossil fuel addiction, reports Nafeez Ahmed

EXCLUSIVE The Putin Doctrine: Trump Military Study Explains Why Putin May Escalate Nuclear Threats

, 4 March 2022
A US Army study commissioned by Trump’s Secretary of the Army warned that a Russian ‘information blitzkrieg’ which began in 2014 could go nuclear if Putin believed he was losing a conventional war

EXCLUSIVE Trump Military Study Saw Brexit as ‘First Step’ in Russian ‘Information Blitzkrieg’ on West

, 2 March 2022
A US Army study commissioned by the former President's Secretary of the Army warned that a global information war launched by Putin in 2014 could escalate into a display of Russian power in Eastern Europe

EXCLUSIVE Ukraine is Just the Beginning: Secret Document Reveals Putin’s Long War on Europe

, 1 March 2022
A previously unreported internal US military analysis suggests the invasion of Ukraine is a culmination of Putin’s 15-year plan to dominate Eurasia, in revenge against NATO expansion

UK Sanctions Will ‘Flop’ Because the City of London is Compromised by Russian Money

, 24 February 2022
A former US defence advisor warns that Britain is likely to be the biggest drag on any Western sanctions initiative against Putin

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