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The Inequality Economy

Charity Fallacy: Private Schools Estimated to Get £3 Billion a Year from Tax Exemptions

, 28 June 2022
Sam Bright explores a new report revealing how exclusive academic institutions skirt their charitable commitments while relying heavily on the taxpayer

The Inflation of Free Market Falsehoods

, 27 June 2022
Thomas Perrett explores how the current cost of living crisis has spurred a new wave of Thatcherite economics

End of the Brexit Era? Wakefield Gives Labour a Second Chance

, 24 June 2022
The country has moved on from Brexit and won't be distracted by 'culture wars' – where does this leave Johnson and the 'Red Wall'?

The Conservative Party’s Great Rail Betrayal

, 22 June 2022
Sam Bright inspects how the Government is undermining its ‘Levelling Up’ mission through a new era of public transport austerity

How the ‘Big Society’ Commodified Poor People

, 21 June 2022
TJ Coles inspects how David Cameron’s widely-scorned idea ended up institutionalising a smaller state

‘Every Labour Government in History has Left Unemployment Higher’ – A Fact Check

, 20 June 2022
Sam Bright refutes the Conservative Party’s widely deployed claim about Labour’s economic record

Home Truths: Boris Johnson is Weaponising the Housing Crisis

, 15 June 2022
The Government's new housing proposals reinforce a cynical narrative about 'skivers versus strivers' perpetuated by the Conservatives over the last 12 years, argues Sascha Lavin

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