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The Inequality Economy

Sunak’s Russia Spin Shows He’s No Different to Johnson

, 30 March 2022
The Chancellor is debasing public standards and ethics in exactly the same way as his boss, argues Rachel Morris

EXCLUSIVE Chancellor Rishi Sunak in New Financial Connection to Russia

, 29 March 2022
Sam Bright explores the links between a firm owned by Sunak’s wife and a Russian billionaire

Ukraine Changes Everything: The Collapse of Boris Johnson’s Brexit World Order

, 29 March 2022
Professor Chris Painter sees Putin’s invasion of his neighbour as a major turning point in history, with the values of multilateralism and an activist state set to break the spell of Johnsonian politics

‘Close to Useless in Every Way’: The Government is Pursuing Economic and Climate Disaster

, 28 March 2022
Thomas Perrett reviews Rishi Sunak’s Spring Statement and how it affects the UK’s climate change commitments

All the Bad News Rishi Sunak Buried in his Spring Statement

, 23 March 2022
Finer details in the Chancellor's budget statement reveal that taxes will rise, incomes will fall, and the young and poor will pay the price

Amongst the Noblemen: How Russian Money Bought the British Class System

, 17 March 2022
Charlotte Robinson explores the ways in which oligarchs have managed to embed themselves in the aristocracy

New Stats Show Rich Getting Richer as Cost of Living Crisis Bites for the Rest

, 16 March 2022
New data shows highest paid payrolled employees saw wages soar by just under £3000 a month since 2014, while the poorest got a paltry pay rise of £167, Sian Norris reports

Conservatives Cannot Fix a Cost of Living Crisis of their Own Making

, 4 March 2022
The Government does not have the ideological or intellectual tools to stop Brits from being squeezed, says Mike Buckley

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