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The Cost of Living Crisis

Byline Times investigates the causes and consequences of Britain's biggest recession for 30 years

Nearly Half of Foster Carers Considering Quitting Due to Cost of Living Crisis, Research Finds

, 6 September 2022
The findings come at a time when the sector has already been struggling to find carers to look after vulnerable children

‘Truss’ North Sea Drilling Plan Will Need to Prolong Cost of Living Crisis to Buoy Big Oil Profits’

, 6 September 2022
The Government's own data suggests that Britain’s fossil fuel lobbies want to use the cost of living crisis to keep themselves afloat, writes Nafeez Ahmed

‘Johnsonism Gone Sour: Liz Truss as Prime Minister Will Drag Us to Disaster’

, 5 September 2022
The UK's incoming Prime Minister has accepted the worst parts of Boris Johnson's politics, while abandoning anything that made his agenda palatable, reports Adam Bienkov

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