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Backwards Britain

Cruel Britannia and the ‘Global Britain’ Fallacy

, 27 July 2022
The rhetoric and the reality of post-Brexit Britain are more distant than ever, notes Rachel Morris

How Should We Respond to the Conservative Party’s Authoritarian Turn?

, 25 July 2022
David Lowther speaks to experts in national identity and authoritarianism, to shed light on how progressive forces should react to the debasement of democracy under this Government

The Britannia Unchained Gang: Why the UK’s Next Prime Minister May Well be Its Worst

, 8 July 2022
Replacing a self-interested opportunist with doctrinaire ideologues will be nothing to cheer about, argues AV Deggar

Australian Free Trade Deal Hampers UK on Environmental and Food Standards, says Parliamentary Report

, 22 June 2022
The UK’s first post-Brexit free trade agreement with Australia was so rushed that protection for niche British products was overlooked, according to a Parliamentary report

The Queen’s Platinum Jubilee: An Unprecedented Reign – But What Next for 21st Century Britain?

, 1 June 2022
The Queen's 70 years on the throne have seen Britain undergo extraordinary change – how will the monarchy's constitutional and societal role continue to evolve in the years ahead?

Imperial Measures: Confected Culture Wars and National Identity

, 1 June 2022
Sam Bright considers the metrics that undermine the right’s new ideological gambit

African Trade Deal Exposes Brexit Britain’s Myths

, 6 May 2022
Joe Walsh explores how Africa is seeking closer economic integration with its regional neighbours, in contrast to the UK

EXCLUSIVE Male, Pale and Colonial: Russell Group Universities Dominated by Named Buildings Reflective of a Bygone Era

, 26 April 2022
Max Colbert investigates the backgrounds of those commemorated on leading university campuses

Backwards Britain: Having Rejected a European Future, We Can Only Hark Back to an Imperial Past

, 5 April 2022
Hardeep Matharu explores how the Russian invasion of Ukraine has exposed the UK's perilous retreat – at a time when collaboration and a new vision of itself is required to navigate the dangerous realities of a changing world

Will the End of the Queen’s Reign be Britain’s Deepest Crisis Of All?

, 10 November 2020
Chris Grey considers the potential impact on the fabric of the UK of the passing of its head of state, Queen Elizabeth II

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