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Backwards Britain

Cruel Britannia and the ‘Global Britain’ Fallacy

, 27 July 2022
The rhetoric and the reality of post-Brexit Britain are more distant than ever, notes Rachel Morris

The Britannia Unchained Gang: Why the UK’s Next Prime Minister May Well be Its Worst

, 8 July 2022
Replacing a self-interested opportunist with doctrinaire ideologues will be nothing to cheer about, argues AV Deggar

Australian Free Trade Deal Hampers UK on Environmental and Food Standards, says Parliamentary Report

, 22 June 2022
The UK’s first post-Brexit free trade agreement with Australia was so rushed that protection for niche British products was overlooked, according to a Parliamentary report

African Trade Deal Exposes Brexit Britain’s Myths

, 6 May 2022
Joe Walsh explores how Africa is seeking closer economic integration with its regional neighbours, in contrast to the UK

Backwards Britain: Having Rejected a European Future, We Can Only Hark Back to an Imperial Past

, 5 April 2022
Hardeep Matharu explores how the Russian invasion of Ukraine has exposed the UK's perilous retreat – at a time when collaboration and a new vision of itself is required to navigate the dangerous realities of a changing world

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