Byline Times Sports

In line with our mission ‘What the Papers Don’t Say’  Byline Times aims to produce features, profiles and news that show the importance of sports in our everyday lives in personal, human and humorous way

At the outset our sports editors will be looking for stories on topics such as: 

Contemporary World Sports

Where do sports end, and culture, politics, endurance begin? We aim to broaden the coverage globally by introducing an unknown star, sport or intriguing new element. 

Stories From History

Sports are an intrinsic part of all human cultures, and have a fascinating history, much of it forgotten or overlooked. The story of Tommy Green, wounded three times in World War One, who still has an unbeaten Olympic record as a long distance walker, is a great example. 

Under Reported UK Sports

There are so many popular sports which go largely unreported, that even we don’t know what they are. Mixed Martial Arts, Angling, Darts, Snow Boarding and amateur Cycling are some of the most popular pastimes in the country. We want to know more about the trials, tribulations, successes and personalities in these fields.