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TJ Coles

Three Years On from ‘No Deal’ Emergency: Operation Yellowhammer is Our Reality

, 22 September 2022
We are now living through the bleak predictions made in the Brexit contingency report in 2019, says TJ Coles

The Impact of Brexit in Six Charts: From Trade Slumps to a Weaker Pound

, 1 July 2022
TJ Coles reviews the ways in which leaving the EU has made Britain poorer

How the ‘Big Society’ Commodified Poor People

, 21 June 2022
TJ Coles inspects how David Cameron’s widely-scorned idea ended up institutionalising a smaller state

EXCLUSIVE How an Influential Pro-Russian Business Network Worked Silently Within Westminster for Decades

, 8 April 2022
TJ Cole explores how the Russo-British Chamber of Commerce has attempted to shape UK politics and trade for more than a century

EXCLUSIVE London’s Financial Giants Have Made Billions from Russia’s State-Linked Companies

, 11 March 2022
TJ Coles explores the tangled web that exists between British and Russian money

The Conservatives Have a Long History of Taking Money From Russia

, 1 March 2022
TJ Coles explores the Conservative Party’s decades-long attempts to schmooze Russian oligarchs

‘Levelling Up’ Will Fail – Because Inequality is the Conservative Business Model

, 11 February 2022
Rebalancing the circumstances of the richest and poorest is not in Boris Johnson’s DNA, says TJ Coles

King of Chaos Boris Johnson Has Delivered for Hedge Fund Donors

, 20 January 2022
As the media rightly focus on the PM’s alleged COVID rule-breaking, financial institutions quietly report pandemic profits, reports Tim Coles

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