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Stuart Spray

Cumbria Coal Mine: ‘A Subterranean White Elephant’ in the Works

, 14 December 2022
Stuart Spray reports on the reaction by politicians, environmental groups and climate activists to the Government's go-ahead for the country's first coal mine in 30 years

COP15: Environmental Groups Call Out Government’s Failures on Reversing Biodiversity Loss

, 7 December 2022
As the UN Biodiversity Conference kicks off, Stuart Spray reports on the UK's lack of progress in combating biodiversity loss over the past 12 years on the Conservatives' watch

Fracking Hell: Living with the Government’s Unpopular Policy

, 20 October 2022
Stuart Spray speaks to the residents of Great Plumpton, close to a shale gas exploration site, about the realities of fracking – as Westminster descends into chaos over banning it

Manchester and Liverpool Join Forces to Explore Green Energy Potential for Powering Both Cities

, 18 October 2022
A dynamic collaboration could turn two of England's largest cities into green technology leaders in the race to net zero, reports Stuart Spray

Climate Activists Evicted from Labour Conference Fringe Event Sponsored by Power Station Firm 

, 27 September 2022
The campaigners argued that the party should not be aligning itself to the company, which emitted million tonnes of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere last year

Five Policies that Jacob Rees-Mogg Should Adopt Now on Climate Change

, 26 September 2022
Stuart Spray runs through some of the immediate actions that could be taken by the Government to address global warming and fix our energy system

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