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Stuart Heaver

‘Ecological Disaster’: Sewage Pollution in the North Sea

, 13 September 2022
Stuart Heaver looks at the failures of regulation and enforcement against Northumbrian Water, owned by a Hong Kong based billionaire

Will the Government Take Action on the Sewage Pollution Crisis?

, 11 August 2021
Stuart Heaver reports on the last chance for the Government to avert the sewage pollution crisis by making water companies responsible

100 Days of Zero Border Health Checks Reveal UK Government's Laissez-Faire Response to COVID-19

, 14 May 2020
Stuart Heaver reports on how at least a million air passengers have entered the UK without checks since its first Coronavirus case.

The Coronavirus Crisis: The UK's Perplexing Approach to COVID-19 – As Viewed from Hong Kong

, 21 April 2020
Stuart Heaver reports from Hong Kong on the contrasting approach taken on the island to the Coronavirus pandemic – and the lessons the UK should have learned from it.

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