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Stephen Unwin

‘Life Unworthy of Life’: The Lessons of T4

, 28 December 2021
Stephen Unwin delves deep into the intellectual traditions and cultural mindset that produced the Nazis’ ‘wild euthanasia’ of people with disabilities, and finds we have not yet put those prejudices to rest 

Touching but Untouched: Visiting Joey

, 1 July 2020
Stephen Unwin's first reunion in months with his severely disabled son under strict conditions of isolation reveals what we all should hold dear

Listen to Joey: How the Most Vulnerable Can Show Us the Way in this Crisis

, 27 March 2020
Stephen Unwin shares his experience of not being able to see his son Joey due to the COVID-19 outbreak and what he believes Joey can teach us in moments such as these.

Eugenics and the Intellectuals

, 17 February 2020
Stephen Unwin explores how some of the most civilised and intelligent thinkers have supported one of the most dark and barbaric philosophies in modern history.

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