Written by

Sascha Lavin

EXCLUSIVE Controversial Met Knife Crime Scheme Disproportionately Targets Black People

, 25 February 2022
Data exposed by the Byline Intelligence Team reveals the racial biases of another London policing programme

The Biggest Intergenerational Gaps in Modern Britain

, 17 February 2022
Sascha Lavin considers the vast, unspoken inequalities that exist between young and old

EXCLUSIVE Conservative Leadership Hopefuls Have Received More Than £100,000 From Donors Linked to Russia Since 2015

, 10 February 2022
Sascha Lavin tracks the links between prospective Conservative leaders and Russian funders

EXCLUSIVE Expert Raises Concerns as 11 Police Forces Issue 144 Non-Disclosure Agreements

, 7 February 2022
As police misconduct once again creates headlines, Sascha Lavin uncovers the regular use of secrecy agreements among local forces

COVID Hindsight and the Lockdown Parties

, 2 February 2022
Sascha Lavin considers the Downing Street parties in context – without the reassurance of the COVID vaccine programme

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