Written by

Sascha Lavin

EXCLUSIVE ‘Police are Institutionally Sexist’: 14 Officers Targeted Vulnerable Women for Sex

, 22 September 2021
Exclusive analysis of freedom of information requests by the Byline Intelligence Team reveals how police officers abuse their power over witnesses and victims to get sex

EXCLUSIVE Three-Quarters of Police Officers Guilty of Gross Negligence in Sex Crimes Kept their Jobs

, 21 September 2021
Freedom of information requests analysed by the Byline Intelligence Team reveal that police officers are failing in their duty of care to vulnerable victims and witnesses when investigating claims relating to sexual assault

EXCLUSIVE More Than Half of Met Police Officers Found Guilty of Sexual Misconduct Kept their Jobs

, 20 September 2021
A Freedom of Information request analysed by the Byline Intelligence Team reveals the extent to which the capital’s police officers work in a culture of impunity around sexual misconduct

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