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Sascha Lavin

EXCLUSIVE Nearly Two-Thirds of Prison Staff Guilty of Sexual Harassment Kept their Jobs

, 23 December 2021
After exposing the number of police officers found guilty of sexual misconduct who kept their jobs, Sascha Lavin investigates sexual harassment in the prison system for the Byline Intelligence Team

“Performative Cruelty”: Asylum Accommodation Conditions Exposed in Shocking Report

, 16 December 2021
Vulnerable people are still being kept in cold, cramped, makeshift facilities, Sascha Lavin reports

EXCLUSIVE Institutional Inequality: The Gender Pay Gap in the Highest Ranks of the Civil Service

, 14 December 2021
Sascha Lavin exposes the vast differences in income among the highest-earning public servants

EXCLUSIVE Liz Truss and Two Other Ministers Flew to Climate Summit

, 2 December 2021
Following the lead of Boris Johnson, several ministers opted for planes over the planet, reveals Sascha Lavin

EXCLUSIVE Overdraught: Lack of Action on Social Homes Fuelling Cost of Living and Climate Crises

, 1 December 2021
New data shows that thousands of social homes don’t meet the Government’s energy targets, reveals Sascha Lavin

EXCLUSIVE UK Weapons Go Missing in Afghanistan

, 15 November 2021
The Government can’t account for thousands of assault weapons, and two military helicopters, that it previously exported to the country, Sascha Lavin reports

‘Not Remotely a Corrupt Country’: 11 Shocking Sleaze Statistics That Prove Boris Johnson Wrong

, 11 November 2021
Sascha Lavin catalogues the corruption stories that have plagued the Government since Boris Johnson became Prime Minister

EXCLUSIVE ‘A Haven For Dirty Money’: Nearly Half of All Corporate Violations in the Past Decade Committed by Financial Sector

, 26 October 2021
New data analysed by the Byline Intelligence Team shows the extent of fines handed out to the the largest banks – despite financial services contributing less than 7% to the UK economy

EXCLUSIVE Human Rights Hypocrisy: Government Approves Sniper Licenses to Countries on its Own List of Concern

, 15 October 2021
New data reveals how sniper licences have been awarded to Bahrain, Bangladesh and other regimes listed on the Foreign Office’s ‘human rights priority countries’ list

EXCLUSIVE Assaults on British Transport Police More Than Doubled Per Passenger Last Year

, 30 September 2021
Attacks on transport staff have increased markedly during the pandemic, relative to passenger numbers, reports Sascha Lavin

Racism, Sexism and School Exclusions

, 27 September 2021
A new report into school exclusions of black and ethnic minority girls exposes again how the Government is wrong to deny systemic racism in the UK

EXCLUSIVE ‘Police are Institutionally Sexist’: 14 Officers Targeted Vulnerable Women for Sex

, 22 September 2021
Exclusive analysis of freedom of information requests by the Byline Intelligence Team reveals how police officers abuse their power over witnesses and victims to get sex

EXCLUSIVE Three-Quarters of Police Officers Guilty of Gross Negligence in Sex Crimes Kept their Jobs

, 21 September 2021
Freedom of information requests analysed by the Byline Intelligence Team reveal that police officers are failing in their duty of care to vulnerable victims and witnesses when investigating claims relating to sexual assault

EXCLUSIVE More Than Half of Met Police Officers Found Guilty of Sexual Misconduct Kept their Jobs

, 20 September 2021
A Freedom of Information request analysed by the Byline Intelligence Team reveals the extent to which the capital’s police officers work in a culture of impunity around sexual misconduct

Arms Versus Asylum: In the Shadow of a Weapons Bonanza Live the People Fleeing War

, 16 September 2021
The Byline Intelligence Team attended the opening day of London's controversial Government-backed arms fair to witness the protests and hear the voices of those who have fled the bombs now on sale

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