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Revd Joe Haward

Emerging From the Christmas Mire

, 24 December 2020
The Government may not seem like it cares much for its people, but the common humanity which has emerged in this challenging year can still be celebrated this Christmas, says Reverend Joe Haward

Male Suicide: Exploring a Lost Identity

, 27 November 2020
Reverend Joe Haward explores the shocking rate of male suicide in the UK and its relationship to masculinity

The Illusionists of Hope can be Defeated with the Real Thing

, 1 November 2020
Reverend Joe Haward considers how a dedication to rooting out corruption and accepting the realities of the present can provide an engine for change

QAnon and Coronavirus Conspiracists are in Denial about what ‘Freedom’ Really Is

, 8 October 2020
Joe Haward explores the modern conflation of ‘freedom’ with ‘choice’ and the concept’s historic definition of human flourishing through caring for the whole community

Great Expectations: Farage's Phoney Fishing for Support

, 18 September 2020
Rev Joe Haward comes from a family with nearly three hundred years in the industry and they do not buy the Brexitoric around fishing

Sacrificial Lambs and Government Scapegoats

, 21 August 2020
The Revd Joe Haward shows how the UK Government is turning its historical failure over the Coronavirus pandemic into a myth that blames the victims

Demon Sperm: Donald Trump, Evangelicals & the Politics of Hate

, 7 August 2020
As President Donald Trump embraces the extreme Christian fringes, Reverend Joe Haward looks at the radicalising role of religion and nationalism among the US right

Religious Gatherings in the Netflix Age

, 17 July 2020
Reverend Joe Haward wonders whether churches and congregations can re-evaluate their role in the wake of lockdown, remote streaming, and the Coronavirus crisis

In the Search for Truth, We Have to Take Off Our Masks

, 26 June 2020
Reverend Joe Haward considers what the pursuit of truth really involves and how knowledge of this is being manipulated by our politicians

Rehumanising the Dehumanised: Violence, Peace and Racism

, 9 June 2020
Reverend Joe Haward charts the history of non-violent resistance and explains how it is a philosophy that aims to free the oppressor as well as the oppressed

Bearing False Witness: How Mr and Mrs Cummings Broke the Ninth Commandment

, 23 May 2020
Reverend Joe Haward provides a Bylines Times 'Thought for the Day', in light of current events and the duty in the Ten Commandments to tell the truth.

The Ideology of Sacrifice Conditioning Us Must End

, 21 May 2020
Reverend Joe Haward explores how the political narrative of struggle and fear, enforced through market-driven ideology, needs to be replaced with one placing humanity at the centre again.

Truth Must Rise: Church Silence over COVID-19

, 30 April 2020
Reverend Joe Haward laments the lack of religious leadership in the UK during the pandemic, particularly in speaking truth to Nietzschean ideas of power.

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