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Rachel Morris

Food Bank Britain

, 13 May 2022
Rachel Morris considers the malaise of modern Britain as the Conservatives initiate Austerity 2.0

Priti Patel and the Government’s Cult of Lawlessness

, 5 May 2022
Rachel Morris reviews the Government’s repeated unlawful behaviour, concentrated in the Home Office

Pestminster and the Shaming of Democracy

, 29 April 2022
With reports that 56 MPs are facing allegations of sexual misconduct, Rachel Morris analyses how a Bullingdon Club mentality has seeped into the corridors of power

Resigning Matters: By Failing to Step Down, Johnson has Put Democracy on Standby

, 14 April 2022
Prime Minister Boris Johnson in March 2022. Photo: Alberto Pezzali/PA/Alamy
Boris Johnson

Sunak’s Russia Spin Shows He’s No Different to Johnson

, 30 March 2022
The Chancellor is debasing public standards and ethics in exactly the same way as his boss, argues Rachel Morris

Flooding the Zone: The Bannon Playbook Governing British Politics

, 21 March 2022
Rachel Morris explores how Boris Johnson got away with the ‘Partygate’ scandal, why his immorality has few consequences

The Rent Trap: Britain’s Broken Housing Market

, 8 February 2022
Rachel Morris delves into one of the major causes of poverty, inequality and insecurity in modern Britain

NHS Privatisation Represents the Pillaging of Our National Inheritance

, 4 January 2022
The infiltration of private sector providers into state services amounts to the robbery of resources that belong to us all, says Rachel Morris

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